Sh… It’s blocking

I’m going to be honest here.

I’m a horrible knitter.

All the strengths I have in crochet– stitch regularity, gauge precision, pattern awareness, structural awareness–completely desert me when I go from one hook to two sticks.

I can’t even explain it.

And the thing is, I love the knitting process so much!

Crochet is big movements and elbows, and knitting is just tiny hands.

So the sweaters I crochet are better designed than this.

The colors are better situated. The construction makes so much more sense.

They’re not nearly as drapey.

The gauge is consistent–no huge stitches. No purple section that’s a mirror to the orange section but took nearly half-again as much yarn.

But I loved making this. And I love how delicate it is. How soft. When it’s wrapped around my shoulders, I feel–against all odds, considering the circus-Halloween colors–elegant.

So sh… we won’t tell the shawl that it’s genetically unsound. Let it think it’s beautiful.

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