Sharing the happy, sharing the sad…

But mostly happy, really…

* Tonight, we’re going out to dinner. Big T suggested it–he asked, actually. We used to go out all the time, before Things 3 & 4, and since Mate and I were SO impressed with our brain trust (because SERIOUSLY, it’s not like either of us slackers got a 4.0) he said, “So, can we go out to Red Robin?”

Hell to the YES we can do that! Goddess bless them both–I’m so proud I can’t even use real words.

* I sent everybody to Jessewave’s site yesterday to see the wonderful write up for Wishing on a Blue Star. What I DIDN’T know when I sent them there was that this review for Talker’s Redemption would be there. And I was happy. Very very very happy.

* Mate, darling Mate, updated the website. My Christmas short set on Green’s Hill is there, as is my story from Wishing on a Blue Star, and my upcoming projects as well. Enjoy!

* Squish and I had the following conversation today about petting slugs:

“No, baby–you can’t pet them. The oils from your hands will make them shrivel, and you’ll be touching mucus. Ick.”

“It’s not Ick! They’re adorable creatures!”

“That’s creechy, sweetheart. They’re creechy. Not creatures. Creatures have fur.”

“They are too creatures! I want them to be my pets!”

“The cats will eat them!” (blargh!)

“Oh. Well. Then we’d better let them stay outside.”


* I found this and remembered this poem, and for reasons some of you know, it felt incredibly personal.

* I thought of John Keats, and then this one did too.

* And then I decided I had to pull my head the hell out of it, and I went to the two things that always make me happy–Supernatural and kick-ass music, and then I felt a whole lot better.

May you enjoy the happy and deal with the sad. It’s very very probable that it’ll be all right.

0 thoughts on “Sharing the happy, sharing the sad…”

  1. Chris says:

    Hang in there, kiddo. (I think you're younger than I am, so I can get away with calling you that.)

  2. Donna Lee says:

    That bit from Toy Story gets me every time.

    I'm glad the slugs are staying outside. Just a personal thing on my part.

  3. roxie says:

    Slugs don't make good pets. They don't learn tricks, they don't cuddle, and they die so easy. They're almost worse than goldfish. Cheaper, though.

    Sorry 'bout the sads. I am contacting all the dandelions in your neighborhood and telling them to hurry up and bloom just for you! Look for it.

  4. Sad is life's way a reminding you there are better times ahead of you.

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