Shh… I should be asleep…

But I’m blogging instead.

*  I hate saying goodbye at the end of a convention. They really are a meeting with my friends.

*  I love the occasional late night convo that stretches until just right a.m.  It feels like a con wouldn’t be the same without one.

*  I  bought T-shirts at one of the vendors during the con. I think they are WONDERFUL. If my family doesn’t, I”m donating them to charity. The family, not the shirts.

* Okay. I admit it. I’ve been eating well on this convention–but part of that is that I haven’t found the snack shop that sells the chocolate yet. FTR?  I REALLY need some frickin’ chocolate.

*  I’d like to thank Jade Lee, Kiernan Kelly, and Lisa Kessler (odd how these names keep popping up!) for making my new tag line, “Amy Lane: she might make you pee a little.”  Now, I just need artwork for that…

*  I’d also like to thank Jennifer Morris for a new plot bunny. At our social media silliness panel, she used a name generator to give everyone superhero names. I am The Amazing Flaming Bear. Uhm, tell me that’s not screaming for a story…

*  Damon and Jade– dinner was amazing, and conversation even better. Thank you. (Uhm, notice how Jade’s name popped up again?)

*  I had a MAGNIFICENT nap today. Which does not change the fact that I am, at present, very very tired.

*  I almost forgot! Lunch with Aria Kane and Jessica Savage and Drake (eep, name!)  and his friend Elizabeth and Eugenia and her great husband and Eric J. Asher and and his lovely wife Amy the reader named Tamye was an unexpected treat! Thanks guys, cause when I said, “I’M STARVING!” you all said, “CHARGE!” and the result was most awesome!  You all also put up with my knitting. And Eric’s wife Amy got to eat coconut shrimp which she usually doesn’t. And I got to talk to new people. Twas great! Thanks again!

*  Tomorrow I’m going to have about two hours to clean up the suitcase vomit that has become my hotel room. This thought will send me into a panic spiral– tomorrow.

* For tonight, Coastal Magic was a lot of fun–and I can’t wait until next year!

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