Shifting Stuff Around

 I’m not even going to take pictures, because it’s so frustrating.

What’s happening is this:

For many years, Chicken and Big T had their own rooms, and the “little kids” shared a room.

For WAY too long after the big kids moved out, we used Big T’s room as a storage room and Chicken’s room as a game room.

We were all stuck here in our tiny house during pandemic, and Mate and I went AUGH and re-did Chicken’s old room and got Squish installed in there.

Now, the room they both shared is…

I can’t even…

I need to hire workers with shovels to dig it out.

But whose going to come into my dust pit in the middle of a pandemic when we can’t pay hazard $$$.

So what we’ve done is moved all the stuff out of Big T’s old room and into the living room, and then moved ZoomBoy into Big T’s room.

And now we just need… workers with shovels? Something, I guess, to excavate ZoomBoy’s room so we can CLEAR MY WARDROBE AND BOOK BOXES OUT OF THE LIVING ROOM!

And ZoomBoy’s fine, you understand. He’s got his own bed, his own desk, his own chest of drawers, his own computer. HE COULD LIVE IN THERE right?

And… and I can’t walk into his own room without my ADHD zapping my brain like a 2000 amps. I don’t even know where to START. 

But I’ve got to start. We’ve got to clear this shit out. Because you guys… this is the last stage. We clear this room out and all that’s left is mine and Mate’s room and the bathrooms and the kitchen. But our kids–they’ll have desks and their own rooms and sanctuaries for the next four years. (And I know ZoomBoy is supposed to graduate this year, but  you guys, he’s 16 right now. I don’t see him picking up to leave any earlier than 20, and I’m FINE with that.) 

We’re so close. I mean, SO CLOSE. And I know that another project awaits us when we’re done with this one, but… SO CLOSE. 

So anyway–if you see me online (I’ve been reading out loud to my FB group) and you notice a lot of chaos behind me… cross your fingers, okay? Because eventually–EVENTUALLY it’ll get sorted out.

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