Shopping Lessons

So, I’m not a great bargain hunter. My idea of looking for a deal consists of, “Can this experience be over before I hate the store, my kids, and myself? Yes? Good deal!”

But today I looked at the Old Navy bill with some dismay.
Oh my God. 
We’re broke!
“So, if you fill out a thing for your Old Navy Card, you can save some money!” chirped the salesgirl, and Goddess save me, I did it.
It was excruciating.
The girl was great, worked very quickly, but apparently while we were getting our entire debt history vetted via tiny machine, everybody who had been in the store when we got there needed to be checked out.
I haven’t felt so backed up since I forgot veggies and coffee for three days straight.
But then (whew!) the machine beeped, and we saved almost $100. Go me! I was almost frugal! (FTR, I was buying clothes for Squish, ZoomBoy, and Chicken, as well as an outfit for Mate.)
Which may explain my dealings with the nice people who wanted to know if we wanted our driveway resurfaced. Not that it doesn’t need it, but, uhm, BATHROOM KITCHEN HOLY GOD BOTH!
Anyway, I said, “Uhm, no driveway, we have other projects.”
“Oh,” they said. “Well, when will your husband be home so we can talk to you at the same time?”
I looked at the guy impassively. “It’s soccer season. So, uh, January.”
I left the guy gaping like a fish and shut the door.
Now, now I learn how not to spend money.

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