Short Photos of Fiber Content

Okay– tomorrow, I’m going to be on TWO different blogs. I’m going to be on Marie’s blog tomorrow, talking about The Crazy Tree, and I’m going to be on Wave’s talking about
Wishing on a Blue Star.

I’m also up for awards in a couple of categories over at Love Romance Cafe (voting instructions are here if you’re interested) and basically? I’m well covered on the internet in the writing department tomorrow.

And that’s why I led with my kid showing off scarves. The first one is in her two favorite colors–pink furry and pink shiny, and the second one is for Littlewitch, who asked for something in vampire blood with maybe some black, and now she will maybe stop pasting “Write bitch!” on my Facebook, because, you know, knitting is good on her end too!

And Squish made me pose for the one of us together. She’s the best part.

Oh yes– and BOTH my teenagers brought home 4.0’s this semester… dude! I don’t even know what to do for them! I want to throw them a parade! WOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!!!

So come visit me in those other spots on Friday–I might even be coherent, and maybe charming!

0 thoughts on “Short Photos of Fiber Content”

  1. OMG!! 4.0's? Best present ever! Further proof you two have done good.

  2. roxie says:

    Yay big T and Chicken! Wahooo! Rock-on!

    Squish is a great scarf model! But she's suddenly not a baby anymore. When did that happen?

    Awesome writing news. Yayy Amy! Woot!!!

  3. Chris says:

    Aw, look at how cute you and Squish are!

    And congrats to Chicken and Big T!

  4. Donna Lee says:

    Squish would look good wearing pink plastic bags! She is such a cutie.

    4.0!!! Woooot. That's not easy to do in high school. A parade is good. With floats and balloons!

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