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I’m saying– that round of the sickness SUCKED. The last time I felt that gross, I wrote the scene in Winter Ball where Skipper coughed so hard on the soccer field that he threw up.
Just saying. Now you know where the real comes from, right?
So, Kermit Flail is tomorrow morning, and I don’t want to get too involved tonight, BUT, ZoomBoy did do something particularly cute this evening.
It started when the kids were unloading groceries from the car–a procedure I’m forbidden from participating in, because it’s my job to keep the dogs from running outside to greet me, thereby seeing something shiny across the street, thereby getting squashed by an oncoming vehicle. Anyway– as I was running inside to keep them from doing that, I heard ZoomBoy in pure “whistle while you work” mode singing, “Let’s do the time warp again…”
And I only THOUGHT my happiness was complete. 
Later on, as he was playing video games intently, he started singing, “You can do it… I can’t do it… you see Rio, I see JAIL!”  from The Producers. 

I almost DIED OF CUTE. Cause it fit, right? It’s a song about taking risks, and he was trying to convince his friend it wasn’t a good risk and he just SPONTANEOUSLY burst into song. 
Oh, bless his little nerd ball heart.
Now if only he’d stop farting on his sister…

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  1. elenilote says:

    This is just adorable :3

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