“Shrimpanzee!” BRILLIANT!

Chicken and I are in San Diego!

Wait– did I tell you I was coming to San Diego for two days?
Probably not.
It’s been sort of a week. 
Last night we went out to Korean BBQ and followed it up with Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs II. What I loved most about this movie was how much fun it was for everyone.  No, it wasn’t high art– sort of.  It was puns, which is both the highest and the lowest form of humor, and this film, Technicolor hilarity, attempted to make every food-i-mal pun on the planet.  
Mate and I were both exhausted– and us exhausted equals us silly.  
We loved it.  It made us giggle, and quote the stupid puns “Shrimpanzees!” and “There’s a leek in the boat!”– we love that shit!  And in our mood at the time?  We ate it up like a spoon.
Part of my exhaustion was the two releases right in a row, and part of it was trying to accomplish stuff while Chicken was in the house, and part of it was getting ready for, well, what I’m doing right now– chilling with Rhys and her sister in San Diego, after escorting Chicken home. 
So this morning, Mate was out of the house early to set up the soccer field, and I was up not much longer, getting the kids ready and getting them to their games.  Their games were done at 12:30, there was lunch, packing, and then Chicken and I got to the airport and got on a plane.
Can we say stupid tired?
Yeah– Rhys and Jenn took us out for tacos, and now here I am, gazing blankly at my screen and thinking things like, “Uh…”
Because I think, sometime in the past couple of days, I won a couple of Honorable Mentions from the Rainbow awards,(Bolt Hole, Dex in Blue, and Under the Rushes) and I’m pretty sure I scored an interview (with an accompanying giveaway.)   and I’m pretty sure Triane’s Son Rising was released on Thursday.  
I know that a few people have been reading ARc’s of Ethan in Gold and that they seem to like it very much, and that I finally got all my swag so I can mail it as soon as I get back.  
I know that Christmas Kitsch is available for pre-sale, and that much of the proceeds are going to charity, and that I love the cover, and I know that a bunch of hard working volunteers got Vulnerable translated into Italian, and that I’m looking into figuring out how to offer that for free on the Italian version of amazon.  (And they put this amazing cover on it.  It makes me very happy.)
And I know that Squish blocked a goal in the position of keeper today, and the Zoomboy actually remembered to play his position, and that I forgot to tell Mate that the kids are going to want to buy books for the book fair on Monday, although they already bought some on Friday. And that my stepmom treated  Chicken and me to birthday mani-pedis, and I treated her to lunch at our favorite Thai restaurant and we almost made it through without   arguing once.
And I know that I miss my husband, my booby hamster, and my comfy slouchy chair where I could watch Hawaii-5-0 with impunity, but that I’m having very much fun visiting here and that Rhys and Jenn are the awesomenest people ever. 

And that I think I’m very tired…
Why do you think that is?

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  1. Donna Lee says:

    I am so silly when I am tired. Everything is funny (well, at least to me).

    I thought of you on Saturday morning as I watched my nephew "play soccer". He was either kicking wildly in the vicinity of the ball or sitting (actually sitting) in the goal. It was great fun.

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