Shut up and write!

“Oh Mary, my Mary, what are you doing tonight?”
“I’m trying to edit, and it’s sort of a fight!”
“Wanna talk about Teen Wolf?  It was a delight!”
“I know what you’re doing–don’t push me, all right?”
“But my character’s ripping my heart out, it’s all tangled like–“
“I know– I wanna read it!  You need to finish that tonight!”
“But writing is hard and I’m not very bright!”
“You just left that part hanging!  Bitch, shut up and write!”

“Hi Mom!” says Chicken on my phone screen so bright
“Whatcha doin’?” she asks, and I answer her, right?
“Well there’s Dean and there’s Sam and there’s pasta tonight–
And the little kids are reading and the dog had a fright!”
And she says, “I’ve got homework, gotta bail, all right?
Besides, you are stalling.  Now stop texting and write!”

I whimper.  “Stilinski feels, Hoechlin lust, Scott’s not very bright.”
“Did you read all the fanfic?  See the .gif sets? Hash out the character’s plight?”
I’ve got homework on my hobbies– it’s filling me with fright!
I think I”ll run away now.  “Gotta edit!” How trite.
Besides, she knows better.  “Screw that– just go write!”

Julianne’s next, a sweet, funny delight–
And she’s far to adorable to yell– too polite!
“Did you nap?  Did you exercise?  Are you eating all right?”
“Yes my love, and you?”  Not even her characters fight.
And we talk about Teen Wolf and walking in the rain
And sign off knowing we’ll talk once again.
But as the chat window shuts, my text window’s alight–
It’s Mary.  “I want Mackey.  Now shut up and write!”

E sends me pictures of puppies and wool, 
And I want to chat, but E isn’t a fool–
Lynn likes some Sherlock, but she’s not going to linger
Not even if I offer Karl Urban with the joy that he’ll bring her,
Ariel’s asleep, Shannon’s pimping yarn,
Anyone who’s up doesn’t give a darn
That the shiny and squirrels have taken over my mind–

They know I’ve got better things to do with my time!
C’mon Amy, you know you’re not fooling us, right?
Get off social media, and shut up and write!

I go to snuggle with Mate– who knows what’ll take flight?
“I love you, sweetie, but I”m too tired tonight.  
Besides, you know you need to work, right?”
“But… but… I’m here, I’m your warm, willing wife!”
“Who will be happier if she goes to the kitchen and writes.”
“Okay, fine.  Tomorrow night, though, right?”
“As long as your character resolves his plight!”
Okay– he wasn’t that sweet.  He really said, 
“Close the door, shut off the light, open the computer, and write!”

No readers are chatting on FB tonight,
And if they were, they’d all hit “like”
To the post where I’m promising all that I’ll try
To make the words and the plot and the characters fly!
“Mary, please Mary– let’s play with words tonight!”
“I’m going to sleep.  Amy, shut up and write!”

It’s just me and Pandora, and the dog curled tight
In a kitchen with only one overhead light.
My feet are both freezing, my bladder clenched hard
As my fingers dance solo over the cluttered keyboard
Two-K and Three-K, I’m blasting right by
Until suddenly I can’t keep open my eyes.
As I send Mary my offering, hoping it’s all right.
I did what I needed, saw my characters fight,
Had them make up, made it all be all right, 
I hope that it’s fresh, not hackneyed or trite,
But mostly I’m proud cause…
 I finally shut up to write.

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  1. Unknown says:

    Sweet Amy. Good thing you didn't text me. I'm a bad friend. I would have chattered your ear off. (I couldn't write either)

  2. roxie says:

    Oh, I need all of those. Thank you and hooray for the writing!

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