*sigh* No Mate For Me…

The picture is for the hell of it. She really is adorable, and I had to share.

Mate is working late tonight after a softball game last night and crap-all I don’t remember during the weekend and…

And I miss my Mate. For those of you reading BOUND, I am much like Cory when Green is gone… a part of me is missing if I don’t have Mate to help bear me up. He reports the same feeling, but sometimes I doubt it–Mate never seems to be a neurotic mess when we don’t have contact time.


Some good news from Catie who told me that my book is actually being e-marketed by amazon when you order a similar book. That was awesome–I honestly didn’t think they did that for the little guy:-)

We’re having a series of meetings in our school for the “Achievement Gap”–this is extremely irritating–I have a long list of peeves both terrible and petty about what’s wrong with our education system here in California, and assigning teachers the brunt of the ‘Achievement Gap’ blame is only part of it. I do get to knit during meetings, though, and I have apparently been converting people to the dark side, because one of the people from our once a week Yarn Thing (which is a part of my self-actualized plan to stop dwelling in the mildly misogynistic staff room nearest my classroom because it makes me go to another part of the campus where women live) was crocheting during the meeting. Huzzah for Yarn Thing–we WILL take over the world.

And…oh, wait…this was cool–I finished that pair of mittens. Do I have pictures? No. My learning curve is decidely un-curvy. But the student LOVED THEM, and I felt pretty damned good about myself. Have I mentioned I’m easy?

Oh, yeah–the Cave Troll has a list of instructions for us, one and all. You know one of them (“Don’t squish my nuts, mom!”) but I thought I’d add to the list.

“Don’t pee on the bed.”
“Look at the horse. Look at the horse now!!!”
“Say ‘you’re welcome’. NOW mom, say ‘you’re welcome’!”
“Don’t suck on my straw.” (When I’m trying to drain his chocolate milk after he’s finished it off so it doesn’t get all over the car.)
and this next one, which is second only to “Don’t squish my nuts” on the cute factor. We figured he got it when we were trying to catch Arwyn before she got to the cat box and started trolling for kitty-roca:

“Don’t eat the poop!”

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  1. Oh and, to add to my book, I miss mate time with my clueless mate too! I just don’t function well without it.

  2. Yeah, I’m ’bout through with these meetings. Our hed prickweenie is socially retarded and I’m finding myself less and less able to forgive him for it or look past it. Today was a waste. If I’d have given that lesson on a day I was being evaluated by said prickweenie and friends, I’d receive needs improvement across the board. They do it and pat themselves on the back for a job well done. Blah. Long live Yarn Thing! It’s kept me sane since my return from the party with my uterus!

  3. Catie says:

    yep, cave troll seems to have things figured out

  4. roxie says:

    Yep. One can survive without one’s beloved, but it’s rather like surviving without your right hand. Possible, of course, but definitely a second choice.

    Cave Troll has words to live by. They won’t be so cute when he’s an angry 15-year-old, but right now, “Don’t eat the poop!” makes me laugh out loud!!

    BOUND was awesome! Fricking awesome. Every time I try to write a review I get sucked back into it and then fantasies take over, and I’m useless for the next hour or so. But I will. I promise, I WILL write a real review!

  5. Amy Lane says:

    (Roxie liked my bo–ook…Roxie liked my boo-ook…:-)

  6. Rae says:

    I think I’ll print out those quotes and post them on my cube wall. 😉

    OMG the baby is so so cute. I love those drooly, giggly smiles. Just irresistable.

    Oh please about the Achievement Gap. If you knew where I worked (the old job, TOJ), you’d go insane. I believe in this non-profit’s cause, but all you ever hear about is the achievement gap. Their solution is to target *teachers* to make a difference. Luckily, TOJ knows it takes more than just teachers to change things, but as an organization they’re only focusing on the teachers (let another non-profit tackle home issues, food issues, etc).

    I measure my achievement gap by how far behind I am on my knitting compared with where I want to be. 😉

  7. Louiz says:

    No Bound yet. It is now destined to be delivered between the 20th and the 24th March. I will tell you how much I love it once I have finally managed to get my mits on my copy! (I’m sure I will love it as much as the first two)

    Oh, and the word verification: bwadddry!

  8. Yeah So says:

    Hey, where the hell have I been? I guess I never put your new address in bloglines and forgot you moved! Sorry about that!

    Glad to read good things about your book!

  9. NeedleTart says:

    The baby seems to be saying,” Mommy, don’t you just loove the nice picture I drew for you on that boring, white wall over there? Should I move on to furniture decoration now? Huh, should I?”

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