*sigh* This isn’t the post I had in mind…

Okay–I actually visited like five blogs today–but my damned work firewall wouldn’t let me comment… I’ll try and take care of that tomorrow, just know I’m still checking up on you–ME LOVE MY E-BUDDIES!

And in other news…My first review as a non-indie pro.

Not bad. I’ll have to improve upon it, but not bad.

And now, I”m off to go put a munchkin to bed and fill bags of candy for my ungrateful co-workers. (Okay–many of them are grateful– but the douche who called Zoom Boy “Nose Bucket” should really get rabbit raisins in his bag. That’s YOU Mr. Trick. In case you forgot.)

And I SWEAR I’ll write real post soon! In which I tell you why I wouldn’t expect half of the class of 2011 to successfully pick their noses without stealing someone else’s boogers.

0 thoughts on “*sigh* This isn’t the post I had in mind…”

  1. You keep promising these real posts, but have yet to deliver. Why do you think mine look they way they do? Who has time during the happiest time of the year*?

    And stop making promises….

    * Honestly I think spring is the happiest time of the year

  2. Julie says:


    There wasn't a thing wrong with being indie, you know. But I'm glad you got the validation of being with a publisher.


  3. roxie says:

    "Nose Bucket?" The Trick has a twist in his perceptions. gift bags of candy – wicked you! They'll have to exercize like mad to burn it off. Mwahahaha!

    Take it easy and enjoy the season.

  4. Bunny Queen says:

    Hey! Don't diss the bunnies by implying that The Trick is worthy of bunny raisins! They're actually nutritious, ya know. *grin* We'll just arrange to send a few bunnies over to nibble holes in his favorite pants and all of his sheets.

    Why yes, several of my pants and sheets do have holes. Why do you ask?

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