Simply a lovely day…

I admit, one of the things that has changed over the years is my complete obsession with taking a thousand pictures. I am much happier in the moment than behind the camera–and the kids have grown big enough that they don’t change from week to week. However now that Big T has a new girlfriend, who hasn’t been obsessively recorded, I have an excuse to take bad pictures to share my joy, and she picked up Johnnie who apparently had found his soulmate and, well, it’s a lovely picture.

I had to share.

I warned the kids–we were getting back late (around nine-thirty last night) and I was not going to be up to the full court press Easter. I promised a modest Easter basket–and that’s all they wanted. The highlight was a Target gift card and chocolate bunnies and a few favorite sweets–but apparently, that made them happy.

This morning my parents invited us over for brunch, and that’s when I got to see Big T and Alyssa–and she got to see the chickens and meet the horses, and I have to say her delight was mine too.

After that, we came home, everybody napped… well, okay. I napped. That was me. Sorry. Anyway, there was quiet time during which the ham cooked, and then when I woke up, Chicken was here to take chocolate for herself and the roommates–and, of course, to eat ham.

I also cooked brussels sprouts which will be forever known as “chicken farts” to my family, and they were DELICIOUS and I will continue to cook chicken farts in olive oil and romano cheese because YUM.

Next time I’m trying brown sugar, balsamic vinegar, and bacon. Also yum.


It was a quiet day, but we managed Easter, and tomorrow is school and three weeks from now is NOLA and it’s all good.

 Oh yes.

And there was yarn.

This made me so happy.

I can’t even tell you.

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