Sleep–the magic ingredient!

I couldn’t figure out why my writing brain seemed to be drying up… I mean, it was revving at a mile a minute most days, why couldn’t I seem to put anything on the screen?

And then I fell asleep…HARD… last night at around 9:30, and it occurred to me: You have to have sleep to write. Or, at least it helps when you’re not falling asleep over your keyboard. *flat of palm to forehead* OOOOHHHHHH… I get it NOW!!!

Anyway–that being said, I’ve got some random shit to chat about– hopefully funny random shit that will chase away the blahs– whattya think?

* Chicken dyed half her hair black– the bottom half. Looks pretty good, but now she’s discovered that she’s allergic to hair dye and her scalp is itching and red. *oi!* Of course, Ladybug had to have a little bit of ‘girl stuff’ so I dyed a lock of her hair that I thought would stick together. It didn’t, and the whole top of her head looks muddy, but I’m just a goober enough to think it’s pretty funny anyway.

* I got my 2nd period to shut up (for once) during announcements and an amazing thing happened. The principal said, “Everybody enjoy your three day weekend!” And I said, “What three day weekend?” Because, you see, my children’s school district doesn’t have this day off–they have an entire week off after this week. (Great for them, sucks for me!) Anyway, I flew to the computer, pulled up the district calendar, and hopped, skipped and danced my way through my classes. I have Monday off–huzzah! (Anything to stock up on reserves for the long, angry brutality that is March and May…)

* Speaking of dancing… a kid who failed last semester but who came back determined to pass this semester did her homework– and I did the funky-chicken-w/mashed potato dance at her desk, just so she couldn’t say nobody had ever done a happy dance for her. The rest of the class had pretty much done THEIR homework, so I did the same thing for them. They were pretty impressed–probably they were impressed with my complete goober-dom, but they were impressed nonetheless.

* Okay, normally I’m not a big fan of happy-crap (as we call it) but my teaching-esteem has been down in the crapper for so long, that when this happened, I was an instant fan. The kids were given labels and were supposed to write a reason they respected themselves on one label (and put it on their shirts), a reason they respected a friend on the other label (and give it to their friend or family member) and a reason they respected a staff member on the last label and give it to the teacher.

Dudes, I got like seven labels! Considering the fact that I’ve felt like a screeching bitch with an autoplay of “For crap’s sake be quiet!” on a talkback button, I was pleased. Most of the labels said something about my sense of humor… I didn’t know anybody was paying attention–it was sweet!

* Today I had Chicken put her little brother’s shoes and socks on before I went to gymnastics. I got to gymnastics and took off said shoes and socks and realized that she’d given him purple ruffled socks. Evil heifer.

* An older woman was in the yarn store today with a (mostly) completed pair of socks–really big, man’s socks that went almost to the knee with a six-inch 1×1 twisted rib cuff before the stockinet leg of the thing started. She was upset. She had run out of yarn, when the person at the counter had PROMISED that the yarn would make a normal pair of man’s socks. She said she hadn’t had the pattern with her, but since the person at the counter had PROMISED (and I don’t know of ANYONE who deals with yarn yardage who would do this) then she should get the yarn for free.

Now I was busy with the short people (who were NOT on good behavior and who needed to be hauled out of the store on the fly) and, of course, it was none of my business, but, uhm, I was tempted to smack her. I mean, these socks were HUGE–they weren’t just man’s socks, these were extra-large man’s lederheusen!!! How would ANYBODY guess that this is what she had in mind when she was talking about man’s socks?

Anyway… gees, lady, give your yarn people a break!

* I’m working away at the prototypes for my February sock– it’s actually pretty cool–the contest is keeping me honest!!! (And I’m loving this pattern right now–I’ll love it more when I make the necessary modifications for the contest sock, but I think this will look pretty damned punk-goth. And it will be big!)

And that’s about all folks, except… wait…

Oh yeah– Andrea–thanks for reading Bitter Moon II– come back and tell me how you like it! And Eric suggested (ahem) that I mention the Daily Show in my list of favorite shows. Of course I will– how would I get my news unless it was couched in satire?

Oh yeah– one more thing– I’m on Kindle now!!!!

Actually, all my books are on the Kindle–it cost a little, but it makes me feel MUCH better about my colossally expensive books and btw? I’m not sure if I’ve said this? But I am FOREVER AND HUGELY GRATEFUL for those who have put out their $$$ out of pocket to buy my books. It is a huge compliment, and I never, not once, not even for a second and a half, take it for granted. Thank you!

And ‘Thank you!’ is a good place to leave it! Ciaou!

0 thoughts on “Sleep–the magic ingredient!”

  1. Louiz says:

    Glad you got some sleep! Hope Chicken’s head gets better – sounds sore:(

  2. Goodwitch says:

    Sorry I haven’t had time to comment (or e-mail) lately. Life is crazy here too, but I just had to thank you (Thank you! Thank You!! THANK YOU!!!) for making your books available in Kindle format so I can download copies to carry with me everywhere. And sleep is highly underrated (mostly by people who either get enough or don’t need much). Never pass up a chance to get a few hours to recharge your batteries.

  3. Galad says:

    Yes, sleep sounds like a good plan. Chicken’s reaction to the hair dye is one of the reasons I never tried to do mine. I’m sure my skin would not react at all well. Hope it gets better soon.

  4. roxie says:

    And just think what an interesting look Chicken will have as that black fringe grows out. Poor baby. Bummer about the sensitivity. Maybe she can handle henna.

    The ladybug with a black lock sounds perfect. Get out that Cindy Lou Who barette and clip the lock up for public outrage. snerk.

    Purple ruffled socks. Snerk, snerk, Har de har har har!

  5. NeedleTart says:

    Thank the deity there’s at least one other insane teacher out there. You have no idea how nice it is to feel normal.
    Now take a nap. I’ve noticed that the tired-er (is so a word!) or bored-er (ditto) I am the more, um, whimsical (?) I get.
    Snork. Purple ruffled socks.

  6. Purple fringe is kewl and the socks did match. Most of the time the girl’s didn’t.

  7. Donna Lee says:

    I have the same hair dye reaction but I’m just vain enough to keep doing it…..Tell her to try a different brand. Some are more gentle than others.

    Sleep is the most underrated commodity on the planet. And I’m not surprised you got labels. You’re a kick ass teacher and the smart kids know it.

  8. Julie says:

    I want to dye my hair pink but haven’t because I suspect the Goob will want to dye hers, too. Though I’m not quite sure that’s a bad thing… oh, she’s too young for hair dye. yeah. Yeah. That’s it. What if she has a reaction? (What if my mother in law has a stroke?)

    A friend of mine calls her daugher “Heffie Lou”. You might want to consider something similar for Chicken. (And give her my regards!)

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