Small Things

 These are the buttons I had made with my new logo on them. I liked them so much, I had to buy 250 more.

This is moar swag. It’s pretty. I want to give it all away.  As I was sending out swag today, I fell into the classic blunder.  I swung by the post office to pick up flat rate boxes, so I could pack my swag and get it to the PO after I got the kids from school.  I dropped the kids up, picked up my boxes and got to the PO at 4:45, breathing a sigh of relief.

Only to be told that I’d put everything in the wrong boxes and had to repack, or I’d be spending a fucktonna cash on postage. (Which was already pretty high.)  First of all, holding your hands over your head and shouting GOAL!!! upon repacking your shit is a surefire way to get people to look at you strangely.  Second of all, as I was clearing my last unpacked wrong box off the counter, I said “Oh, hey! My keys!”

The two gentleman at behind the counter said, “Oh, that’s good. You could have packed them, and then we would have been in trouble.”

“Holy Goddess.  That doesn’t happen, does it?”

“Oh yeah. All the time.”

o.o  So now we know why they’re so patient with me. I am apparently not the only idiot-kitten in the kitten gumball machine.

*whew*  Okay… moving on.

 This is the wrap I’m making, for me. I love it so much, I may give it to Mary after this next week. She loves my knitting too, and I always love it more when she wears my stuff than when I do. (I’m seeing a trend here– this might be a good time to ask me for yarn.) But in the meantime, I’ve got a very bold and bright wrap for wearing nice dresses.

 This is my husband falling asleep about three hours before I’m ready to go to bed.  I have finished Quickening, done edits on Deep of the Sound and Bitter Taffy, and started my Christmas novella. He beats  me to bed a lot these days.  When I get back from RT I plan to go to bed earlier for a while.

 This is our sad little muffin, Geoffie, who got not one, not two, but THREE foxtails in her teeny little paw, and thus must wear the cone of shame.  I have threatened to put said cone on Big T, who neglected to mow the lawn and clear it of foxtails, but he feels bad enough.

And now…

This is Immortal, which comes out tomorrow.

This is the first review on Immortal, which came out yesterday.  Tune into that same spot tomorrow, and you’ll see me talk about fairy tales and the roots of that very dark place that spawned this one.

This is the second review on Immortal, as well as an interview with me featuring my own dark places, and a contest to win a copy.   That’s plenty– I don’t need to add anything there.

This is where you can order Immortal at DSP.

This is where you can order Immortal at ARe.

This is me, done with stressing about  Immortal, and freaking out about swag and about deadlines and ready to cook dinner for my family.  Uhm, no– no picture here, just an exhausted woman who needs to dye in her grays.  *waves*  I hope you all like the book.  Let me know on amazon and goodreads if you do!


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  1. Amy, hi! I want to subscribe to your blog, but when I click on the submit button on the bottom, it takes me to a page with lots of numbers. Not sure it went through. Can you help me out?

  2. Amy Lane says:

    o.o Oh wow, Leigh Ann– I have NO idea how that works. I think I accidentally subscribed to about two blogs five years ago. (I'm horrible, I know. Nobody would even kn ow I blogged if I didn't annoy people on Twitter and FB.) Maybe it's not working today and try tomorrow?

    That's all I got for you… so sorry! I'm no help at all!

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