Small things…

Okay– I admit it.

Haven’t done much in the last couple of days.

I mean, I finished Bobby Green, edited it and submitted it– that was something. And I got a lot accomplished on a shawlette I’m working on–crocheting–for, I think, a friend who is going to graduate from physician’s assistant school very soon.

I folded clothes, picked up a prescription, bought coffee…

And oh yeah! Saw Spiderman Homecoming, which I ADORED. That kid who played Peter Parker was charming as hell, and my own awkward teenager who loves science and frequently trips on his own feet thought it was AMAZING.

So that was something, right?

But mostly, I gave my foot a rest and just sat.  Even when I was folding clothes, I took my time.

It was sort of excruciating–for me and the dogs. Not that I could have taken the dogs walking on Friday and Saturday anyway–it was super hot, and not really good for dogs to be on concrete later than nine-thirty in the morning.  So seriously– if there hadn’t been trips for coffee and Mate hadn’t taken me for pain medication (which I’ve been trying to get him to take, because he sprained his knee)   the dogs would be seriously depressed, convinced that I didn’t love them and that there would be no more walkies forever.


Poor babies.

They’re almost right.

We’re heading out to Monterey for the next couple of days. Chicken is house-sitting, but she needs to be at work early–and it’s too hot to walk much later. Frankly, I’ll be lucky if my anything in my house is left undestroyed and unchewed on.  (Excuse me, I’m going to go hide my wooden needle for reasons.)

Anyway– I think I’ll be up for driving and walking during vacation, and I’m pretty happy about that.

And although I’ll be breaking paper on my next project tonight, my deadline isn’t anywhere near this moment in time–I can relax, just a smudge, while I play with my family. (Don’t talk to me about RWA though– that’s going to be a bit of a pinch.)

So there you go.

Me. Doing nothing.

Was sort of awesome.

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