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Okay– so have been blogging less. Sorry about that! But I spend part of each night doing a non-writing/editing thing. Blogging, Patreon, reading snippets out loud on FB live–and yes, the last two are new. I’m afraid they take a little from the blog–I hope you all can forgive me. (btw– there’s a Patreon link on the side of the blog–I’m offering my fiction free for the duration of quarantine, if you’re interested and bored and broke! Feel free to partake! And if you’re on the FB group Amy Lane Anonymous, you can see my reading every Thursday between 7 and 7:30, PST.)

It doesn’t help that, as with most of you, the week has sort of the ring of sameness about it. I just need a little longer to collect funny stuff, right?

So here goes–

*  Some of you saw on FB that I had a wee bit of a mail  order mishap. Back at the very beginning of quarantine, when the toilet paper just DISAPPEARED, I had a moment of panic and ordered what promised to be a 12 pack of Charmin from a very suspect website in China. Well… it finally appeared and it was… less than promised.

Yes, that IS actual size.

*  Since we figured toilet paper had become more valuable than precious gems, we strung the tiny rolls into a necklace. This not only made for a fun picture for ZoomBoy, it also made for a convenient way to dispense the tiny rolls of toilet paper. We took that necklace of tiny tubes and slung it over the dispenser in the bathroom. Voila. A way to stretch our last package of Charmin. Huzzah!  In case you’re wondering? They lasted from Monday to yesterday evening. So four days for four people. I don’t know if that’s terrifying or average, but I will tell you this–the cats ate an awful lot of it. They seemed to think those tiny travel sizes were just for them!

*  When done, we had a string with a bunch of toilet paper tubes on it. I hung the string around the front door knob, because cats love toilet paper tubes and I’m thinking, “Hey! This will be like a free cat toy!”  You guys all know the answer to that, right? They’d rather play with a piece of trash we dropped on the floor.

Or another square of precious toilet paper that they have somehow liberated from the now regular sized roll.

*  Speaking of fucking cats–and I was–we are still re-doing Squish’s room. It is now repainted and sans floor–we’ll be prepping the floor itself for laying down boards tomorrow. All of  Squish’s stuff is still in the living room, but leveled down so we can watch TV around it when we’re done with our day. (Some families work long into the night to finish a project. We have a quitting time. We’re lazy like that.) Anyway–that first night all the stuff was piled in the living room Squish’s tiny gargoyle, her chubby little panther, was poking around the stuff meowing piteously. I looked to see what his problem was and I realized the cat bed from her room was in the stuff, smashed between a few things. I pulled it out and set it on a flat surface with his little blanket (which is a scarf we got for $3 at Target) and he jumped up there and nuzzled his blanket and purred.

*laughs happily*


* And speaking of adorable pets… Geoffie sits up next to me every night while I knit. She wedges herself between my side and the armrest and lays there, sleeping and happy. And of course I have to get up once an hour–snacks, potty, just getting my circulation going.

“Geoffie, honey, I gotta move.”

Her ears perk up and she gets up and stretches and then jumps down.

Every time. She knows exactly what it means.

*laughs happily*


And there you go–  I think I”ll keep the blogging to one or two times a week–I want fun stuff here, and the occasional book release. Let me know if you want any more!

Stay healthy, be kind– we still have a ways to go.


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