Okay– so not the best of days.

Mate has decided to adopt a video fitness regimen. Not to be left behind, I told him I’d do it with him. For one thing, given the male metabolism, he’ll probably do it for a week and turn into Mr. Universe, whereas I could probably do it balls out for a year and still be a giant banana slug. The least I could try to do was tone up my gargantuan sluggish body, so that when Mr. Universe wants some quality time, I don’t leave a trail of slime as I blurg off to the bedroom. (Anyone not throwing up a little in your mouth with that image? Then I have done my job.)

So this morning, we got up to do our third tape, and I miscalculated. See, it’s NOT just the fifteen minute workout. There is ALSO finding two sets of clothes–one to work out in and one to wear after my shower. There is ALSO the shower, that usually takes place at night. There is ALSO waiting for Mate to get his workout done since we can’t ACTUALLY take the workout at the same time because there is no room in the living room. There is ALSO the consequence of falling completely asleep on the chair while giving the kids their morning cuddle because I woke up a half an hour early to get an extra hour’s worth of shit done.

so we were running a little bit late.

And then there was no gas in the car.

And then when Squish and i stopped for gas, there was her burning (probably) need to potty.

And then mom had to potty.

And when we got back to the car I had ten minutes to get to school and that DIDN’T include the fifteen minute round trip to get Squish to daycare.

The results? Squish got to run around my classroom today. Now there are some good things about this–she has a couple of VERY dedicated babysitters at school, who are more than happy to flake out I mean take the day off their usual studies and run around with Squish. Squish also got to play candy fairie. She raided the candy I use to study words on Fridays and started giving it out to the students. They of course loved this and egged her on. I had to have a talk with her about NOT falling for the good looking con-man kid who kept charming all the candy out of her, and giving a piece to the two nice guys with the seats behind him. (Bad Squish–good looking con-mens are BAD. STAY AWAY. Give candy to the A-students with the artistic abilities. Trust mama on this. Conmens BAD, sensitive artists with pretty faces and ROTC uniforms GOOD!)

So by the end of the day, mama had had a little too much Squish, and hence the reason for the title of today’s blogpost.

Does somebody else want to ask me to simultaneously help them put together a puzzle, serve them dinner, get them a glass of chocolate milk and explain why we’re not buying toys by the dozen?


BTW? Mate has asked me when we gave her permission to talk. I told her it was the same time we gave all the other kids permission to speak. Never. They stole that right all by themselves.

Gotta go now… dragon calling… I’ll explain the project later, but right now, I haven’t had a dragon egg this fully formed hatch in my brain since Keeping Promise Rock and Changing. *skeeeerrrrrryyyyy*

0 thoughts on “*snarl*”

  1. Mardel says:

    Hard day, but recounted in a very funny way. Great! At least the day is over.

  2. Donna Lee says:

    Going to the gym makes me feel like a banana slug. A virtuous slug, but a slug nonetheless. Especially as the eliptical machines are right behind the treadmills so I can watch the non-slugs run and run and run and not sweat while I plug along.

    I don't have the willpower to do it at home. Always something gets in the way.

  3. You can do it. I need to get well and go back to Jim*, I'm paying for it…


  4. Chris says:

    Here's hoping today's going a heckuva lot more smoothly!

  5. roxie says:

    Hooray for you! Stick with the exercise. It will make you live long enough to take the Squish's kids out for chocolate and and whirly rides, then bring them home totally wound UP. Grandma's revenge is oh, so sweet!!

  6. DecRainK says:

    Snarl sounds about right

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