I’m still trying to make up the loss of 2K last night to the Microsoft Word gods–and finish this WIP so I can work on a couple of edits, so just a short post tonight.

ZoomBoy had a lot of fun at Dizzyland–not gonna lie–but he started out sort of bumpy. Seems that his Math teacher had just decided to e-mail Mate regarding ZoomBoy’s less than stellar grade. We got the email the night we got to Anaheim, and ZB was exhausted and stressed and “Why? Why do we have to go to Dizzyland in November?”

Well, he sort of had a point, but after the week was over, I pointed to the zero wait time on Haunted Mansion and said, “Was it worth it?” and he was like, “Oh HELL yeah!”

Anyway–irony of ironies, they had two days off school when we got back. The good news was, they both had time to make up all their homework. Or so they say. I mean, we can only hope, right?

So this morning, Mate and I were getting up around 8:30, thinking ZB would be up sneaking in some PS4 time before we woke up and Squish would be sleeping until licked awake by kittens and dressed by magical birds. (She does have sort of a Princess thing when she gets to sleep in. It’s both charming and amazing. She’d sleep until the next day if she could.)  I had a dentist appointment at 10, so I was trying to get ready and yet stay out of Mate’s way since he’s used to having the bedroom himself.

Anyway, into this, ZoomBoy comes thumping into the bedroom. He throws the door open, ignores the fact that I’m not dressed, and blurts, “It’s EIGHT-THIRTY YOU GUYS!”

We stare at him. “You don’t have school today.”

He is quite perplexed. “That was YESTERDAY. Veterans Day!”

“And today,” Mate said, getting out his phone and pulling up the school schedule. “Teacher work day.”

ZoomBoy looked at us, genuinely at a loss. “What am I supposed to do today?”

Both of us, without even looking at each other: “HOMEWORK!!!”

It was like someone let the air out of him. “Fine.”

I said, “You thought you got away with not doing any yesterday, didn’t you?”


He slunk into the living room, to spend the rest of the day going from doing the dishes to doing his homework and really not finishing either one. Whatever.

I was at the dentist. He still had a better day than I did.

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