So I was whining about my schedule…

Forgive the blurriness– this is Squish in a gym that’s
probably 95 degrees, dancing her heart out.
Tonight we’ll be on stage, hopefully with some AC.

Anyway– yes. Whining. Whining is definitely the word.  But something amazing happened– let me show you.

Today– get recital costumes and Father’s Day gifts from Target.  At 4:30 take kids to recital rehearsal.

Tomorrow– at 4 take Big T to family friend’s B-day celebration. Promptly ditch out on it to take kids to recital rehearsal.

Sunday– wake up SOOPER early to give Mate Father’s Day stuff, then get on a plane for San Diego to see Chicken’s graduation.

Meet Rhys Ford for lunch and friends and hanging.  Go to hotel room and write.

Guys! This is the logo in
action! You can see the different
types of Amy in the lists!

Monday– Chicken’s graduation

Tuesday– Chicken and I come home

Wednesday– work out and dance practice

Thursday– sleep? Something. There’s gotta be something.

Friday– Recital 1

Saturday– Recital 2

Sunday– Pack Zoomboy for Europe

Monday– See Zoomboy OFF to Europe at Ass-crack-thirty a.m.

Drive from airport to San Francisco so I can be at Moscone center at 10:45 for book signing for ALA.

Wait. Did you see that last one?

Let me highlight it with links.  Meet the Author Event at ALA, Amy Lane, Signing from 11:00 am– 12:00 pm, 

This was just cute.

So, uh, yeah.  I AM going to be a little busy between now and then, but on Monday, June 29th, I’m going to be in San Francisco (YAY!) and I’m going to be signing books at the Moscone center exhibit hall with RWA.

So, yanno.

That’s sort of exciting, cause it’s in my backyard.

Hopefully, I’ll see you there!


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