So, I wonder what happened…

I sorta kinda wrecked my knee a little– nothing doctor worthy, just need to rest, elevate, ice, and compress.  I bought a brace, and when it’s acting up, I wear the brace.  I did not baby it on Saturday, however, when I was wandering back and forth on the soccer field on opening day, and on Sunday and Monday I was not walking well.  Time in the pool helped it a little– that was nice. So nice, in fact, I forgot the brace at the gym, and today, after some laundry and some cooking, yes, it was a little sore, why do you ask?

So this is going somewhere.

The house started filling with smoke.

Yes– Mate and I looked everywhere, and finally determined it was coming from across the street behind us. There’s a fire truck now, and I have no idea how bad the damage is, because, well, no knee brace, bad knee.  I don’t want to hobble around in the smokey night, but I do want to know what happened.

“Mate, go around the corner and see what happened.”




“I want to make sure our neighbors are all right!”

“I’m not social.”

“But don’t you want to know what happened?”



“There’s a police car outside, making sure people stay in their houses.”


“You’ll find out tomorrow, when you get your brace back.”


“Come help me make the bed.”


I would really like to know what happened.

But I would also like to walk and breathe.

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