So there was a lot of that and some this…

 Wow. I had to do Kermit Flail, and I really don’t set aside a lot of time for blogging, but, well, there’s been some shit!

A. You all saw that Big T graduated–YAYAYAYAYAAY! And then ZoomBoy graduated–YAYAYAYAYAY!!! *breathe in, breathe out* WHEW. Lots and lots of stuff going down with both those things–I’ve been a bit busy, yeah? Anyway– for those who posted the nice things by ZB’s graduation picture? Thank you. We really are proud. It’s the beginning of things–he’s starting to see how much he has to look forward to, and that’s fantastic.

B. So, about grad-night…  Tuesday night was grad-night, and Mate and I saw that, on paper, they didn’t have a lot of chaperones. We foolishly jumped into what is, traditionally, a big clique puddle to volunteer. Grad-night was 10:00 pm – 4:00 am at the local Sunsplash–and usually, in June, this is a great thing. I mean, we’ve got a couple of days coming that are going to be 109 and don’t tell me we all wouldn’t give our nana’s chili recipe to be out in the water in the middle of the night. Except–and this happened during BOTH the teenager’s 6th and 8th grade graduation trips–one of which was to, you guessed it, SunSplash–there are some freak days in June that top out in the 70’s and bottom out in the low 50’s, and grad-night was one of them. All of these teenagers running up to the slide towers, sliding down and then running up again in the wind–I felt like we should have handed out little first-aid brochures to the boys assuring them that their testicles would reappear sometime in the following week and telling the girls not to get too close to glass. It was COLD. And our job was to do loops around the facility–for real? I’d clocked in about 7,500 steps when I got there, and by the time I went home at 1:30, I’d clocked in another 7,500, and I’m not a 10,000 step a day sort of girl. I was tired for three days–and Mate claimed his core temp didn’t return until two days later. So we did that. ZoomBoy loved it–loved it ALL–and we were really glad he got to go. We were also glad they served pizza, because it was WARM.

C. So, Big T got a driver’s license and an SUV. The SUV, like everybody’s first car, has some glitches. In this case, his SUV stalls for no reason at all, and Big T has had traffic mishaps. He keeps trying to push the thing by himself. The first time, he lost control of it and it dented a homeless man’s apartment. The second time, T  tried to push it up an overpass, the thing started to go backward, pulled T with it, and as it was dragging him down the hill, it T-boned another car. *sigh* And I know it’s going to be a huge headache for him, but mostly? I’m just THRILLED IT HASN’T BEEN WORSE. His father and I are having lots of, “Stay in the car and hit the hazard lights and wait until it turns over again,” conversations. Also? DON’T DRIVE ON THE FREEWAY!!!! And part of me is like, “Your parents turned you loose in a tin can that looked like a sock full of rocks after your first two years driving–he’ll be fine,” but 80% of me is, “MY BABY!!!!!!!” So, uhm, he’s 28 and I’m still worrying. It never goes away.

D. Had breakfast with a friend on Friday morning because she was in town for a very short amount of time. This was notable only because, well, we’re coming out of a pandemic and I haven’t done something like this for over a year. Boy, I was glad to see my friend–lunch with friends is one of the things I really missed.

E. In that vein, we watched a movie in our driveway, with pizza. We’ll do it again. We had friends over. Summer is here, and movies in the driveway with pizza should be a requirement at least twice a month. It was an Annabelle movie–for some reason I’ve got a soft spot for that franchise–I’m usually not into horror, but some movies, I can watch.

F. This isn’t a big part of my income–but it is part and I’m proud of it. I’ve been teaching–one or two classes a month–for the last year. I’ve mentioned them before, but I realized that it’s gotten to be a really regular part of my job, and I’m happy. <3

G. Finished a Christmas novella for the first time in a while, so I’ll have one this year. Woohoo!!!!

H. Started Dante and Cully’s Hedge Witch book–which I’ll be working on when I sign off!

G’night everybody!

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