So, what I’m trying to say is…

There’s this sort of dance married people do sometimes.

“Oh, I’m sorry dear–I’ll get the dishes.”

“No, no– you’ve been cooking dinner for the last month. I’ll get them.”

“But you’ve been busy with gaming and meetings and with helping Chicken with her broken car, I’ll get it.”

“No, no– don’t worry. I’ll make it happen.  And I’ll do the laundry too.”

“No, no–I’ll get the laundry. If you’re going to get the dishes, I’ll get the laundry.”

“Not your fault the laundry is overflowing. Don’t worry about it…”

And so on.

Are you ready to beat us both with a 2×4 yet?

So Mate, my beloved Mate, has been trying to update my website for two years.

And being Mate, he has big plans, and a great idea, and no time to do it. Literally no time. He already lives behind his computer during family time as it is, usually sending e-mails, whether to work or soccer, doesn’t matter.

Now two years ago, (when we had money) I offered to find a designer to pay. That’s when I got the logo et al (still one of the best things I’ve ever done) and his feelings were hurt. He could do it. I know he could.

Okay. I knew he could.

And yes, I’ve updated the website (Weebly, which apparently is some sort of sin of websites, we had no idea) since, thinking, “Oh, this thing I’m doing here–I will have him change it for the new one. And this thing I’m doing here? This should be done like this.  And I will have pages for each series, and I will organize the books by type instead of publisher, and…”

And this list sort of grew longer and longer and longer, until every time I looked at my website I wanted to cry.

Well, I went to my website today and one of my priorities was eliminating the Torquere page (because none of the links worked anymore anyway) and I accidentally deleted the DSP page and I got an idea for how to make that whole thing more efficient anyway and…

So what I’m trying to say is, I updated my website with the help of a reader who was more than sympathetic to my plight. (I owe her something wonderful and writerly… think think think…)

But it’s not completely done.

I’ll do more tomorrow.

And hopefully more the next day.

Until it’s as good as I can get it.

Until Mate can finish the WordPress website that he’s been wanting to see for so long.

And also, in case you haven’t uploaded it, Scorched Haven is available in .pdf if you want to GO CHECK IT OUT. 

And *whew*

Now on to more Familiar Angel.    

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