So, ZoomBoy, how was school?

So, I pick ZoomBoy up from school and the conversation goes like this:

Me: So, ZoomBoy, how was school?

ZB: It was okay–we didn’t have PE.

Me: Why not?

ZB: Because we had career day. The classes were cut short.

Me: That was exciting.

ZB: Yeah, sure.

Okay–the end.

Now, we took ZB’s cat, Dewey, in for a vet’s appointment today. ZB came with me. The silence in the car got thick and boring, so I tried again.

Me: So, how was career day?

ZB: It was okay. The Freshmen didn’t get the best picks because the seniors went first.

Me: So what was left?

ZB: Well, I got personal finance, IT, and broadcasting and media.

Me: Broadcasting and media? That’s cool.

ZB: Yup.

Me: Did you have a guest speaker?

ZB: Yup.

Me: What did he have to say?

ZB: Well, he’d done all these interviews–J.J. Abrams, the Franco brothers, the cast of Rogue 1, people from Star Trek, all sorts of people. He had stories about those guys. I guess he’s on the news or something.

Side note here: Sacramento is a small town, but there’s really only one person who fits this description, and he’s a local celebrity.  Anybody in Sacramento has heard of Mark S. Allen.

Me: ZoomBoy, do you mean to tell me that your career class was taught by Mark S. Allen?

ZB: Yeah– that was his name! How’d you know? He put us on his FB page and everything!

Me: Kid, you are killing me. Killing. Me.  Holy God, you’re the worst. Have you ever heard of burying the lede?

Anyway– here’s the video from today when ZoomBoy’s class got to talk to Mark S. Allen. You can see him in the middle back, toward the right, in a gray shirt. God help me if anything REALLY interesting ever happens to him at school–I won’t find out until he’s thirty years old.

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  1. I too have a child that makes me suffer like this. The most recent example- she went to an away game and was driven by her coach. She gets home and here is our conversation:

    Mom 1: How was the game?

    Kid: Good

    Mom 2: What did you play?

    Kid: Goal

    Mom 2: The whole game?

    Kid: Yep. Coach said I was doing well.

    Mom 1: What was the score?

    Kid: 1-0. We won.

    Mom 1: Anything else?

    Kid: No

    Later that day…

    The coach texts to tell us Kid was MVP and blocked every shot from a great team and that by the end of the game the rival coaches were cheering for her.

  2. Deedles says:

    It's kind of heartwarming to know that the basic kiddiness of kids doesn't change.

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