I haven’t written the synopsis for Bitter Moon yet.

I should have–but bedtime has been a terrible war this week, and sleep is the casualty, and by ten or eleven o’clock at night, my eyes are burning and my brain is deep-fried with clams.

I have been able to knit, though, and that experiment with the two socks on one circular continues.

Me likee!!!

Seriously–the daughter of my LYS owner is due any day now…I’ve been racking my brains for an appropriate knitted gift for someone who, like, owns a yarn store. I was going to do a sweater, and then a hat, and then…and then I ran out of time, and, dudes! She OWNS A YARN STORE! Is there anything I can make for her that she hasn’t made for herself?

And then it hit me. The perfect gift for a third child of a woman who works with her mother who owns her own business:

Three baby socks.

It’s perfect–it’s knit with their product (something very sturdy that can just be thrown in the wash and forgotten!) and although she can (and probably has) knit her own socks, these are workaday models. Nothing precious–just a token of how much we all appreciate Maya and her winning smile and optimism. And because she’s a mother, she gets the joke. I mean, we all know that at least one of them is going to dis-a-freakin’-pear sometime immediately after the first wear.

A pair and a spare–royalty has had this idea for years. (Oh wait…that was a heir and a spare…silly me!)

I finished the first on dpns during class today, and cast on the next two on magic loop when I was done. (I’m reading out loud. For some reason knitting keeps me from pacing in front of them like a caged jaguar.) I realized partway through that the 2×2 was unbalanced on one of the socks, but I figured that since I was reading “The Minister’s Black Veil” and that’s all about karmic imbalance, that they would appreciate the mark of literary meditation on that one little sock.

So tomorrow, I’ll write the synopsis after burning the midnight oil, because I can. Tonight, I’m toddling off to bed, after knitting for an hour to old episodes of ‘Without a Trace’. (How have I managed to miss that show for 6 years? It’s totally awesome. And I’m getting a jones for Anthony LaPaglia in a big way.)

It’s funny–I was so stressed out, and so freaked out about everything, but eventually, my center came back to me. I mean–this is a knitting blog, right? The obsession has got to be good for something!

0 thoughts on “Solace”

  1. roxie says:

    You are a freaking genius! Three socks! Bless your dear heart. May you get extra sleep time and many sweet short-people hours.

  2. Catie says:

    I love the 3 sock idea – I’ll have to remember that when my LYS owners get pregnant (they are doing IVF at the moment)

  3. Galad says:

    I too love the 3 sock idea. I’m sure the new mom will appreciate your thoughtfulness and ingenuity.

  4. Yes! 3 socks is an awesome idea!!

    Word Verification: rsudx – I think they’re talking about your prickwennie.

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