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Okay…I love you all even more now–and although the wierdness continues, I’m not talking about it anymore right now because, mostly, I want to pretend it doesn’t exist…and because I want to talk about my children and knitting, and about interpreting the signs of the universe wisely…well, maybe that last one can wait on another post…

First of all–I need to tell everybody that my work computer is REALLY incompatible with blogger–it’s not like I spend all my time blogging (really, my lunch hour and the time their working on their grammar, mostly…)–but I can’t comment on ANYBODY’S stuff…it’s killing me–I want to talk, dammit I do I do I do… (I mean, have any of you guys SEEN Roxie’s Farseeing hat? It’s pretty much kept me sane all week because it’s the best fiber-arts jest of all time… and Rae and Needletart and I all need to meet to get ripped and Louiz needs a hullo out in Merry old England and Coach Susan and Knittech and Catie… and you guys get the point. I’m digging the blogosphere and it’s inhabitants and it sucks that I can only tell you hi sometimies…) But other than that…

I thought you all would appreciate a list of my 4 a.m. heartbreak calls–remember, I told you that The Cave Troll keeps waking up and saying heartbreaking things in his sleep? I told you about ‘Trains, mama, go see trains…’–but that’s not the only one… following is a list of the things he’s said in the middle of my sleep that have left me with my eyes wide open wondering what he’s going to tell his shrink when he’s thirty:

“Batteries, mama…i’ needs batteries…” (%^&$ing Elmo doll–that fucker eats batteries like I eat chocolate.)
“Gone…mama…gone…all gone…” (He says this a lot. We have no idea what’s gone.)
“Fries…where’s my fries!” (He lisps too, so it comes out ‘Fwies, whe’ my fwieeeeeessss…”)
“C’mere…mama…Keeewiiiin C’mere…” (He said this about five times before I woke up enough to realize that, whereas he usually crawls up BETWEEN Mate and I, this time he was on Mate’s other side…he wanted me to say “Come here” so he could sleep between us.)
“Open Season. Ooooooopeeeennn Seeeeeaaassssooonnnnnn.” (The movie? We bought it and made him go to sleep in the middle of the second repeat one night…obviously this was high trauma.)
“Book, mama…wead book…” This one actually got me super-mom of the year honorable mention because in order to get him to calm down, I had to recite an entire Sandra Boyton book by heart at 4 a.m. on a goddamned Saturday morning. Mate was most impressed–he told me this at 9 a.m.–when HE actually woke up.

So between the hearbreak wake-up calls, the baby wanting to nurse at 5 a.m., and some sort of pre-verbal bedtime rebellion in which everybody in the house under 4 feet tall insists on staying up until our last freaking’ nerve fails and we lock them in a dark room until they cry themselves to sleep… except we can’t do that because it just freakin’ kills us…well, essentially, I’ve gotten no sleep at all. Am I babbling? Yeah…I thought so…I’ve been doing that a lot…

So, about knitting… I actually (ptl) memorized the damn Arwyn cable, which means (drum roll please…) I’m still not done. But I will be very soon. And it’s prettier than I imagined–except the hood’s too shallow, but I’m not going to let that dampen my pure joy. BTW? Have you guys seen the Harlot’s post about her color choices? I looked through my stash boxes, and I’m still a color slut… anybody else going to psychadelic rainbow nirvana with me, or are do we have some Colorway Conservatives (and damn proud of it, that’s fine!) in our midst? Post your colors… or just brag about them… I’m just curious!

So my 4 a.m. heartbreak-up? “Cashmerino, Mate… cashmerinnnnnooooooooo…..”

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  1. Oh, I’m a color conservative. I don’t mean to be, but if I’m turned loose and just buying things that attract me, it’s always something in the brown/green/cream spectrum.


    Fortunately, I knit more for others, so I’m forced to break into yellows and reds and such-like. Otherwise, my yarn stash might fade into the forest and disappear against the trees…

  2. NeedleTart says:

    OK. The Baby is 18 (19 on March 10) and I can *still* get quite far in reciting “Moo, Baa, La la la” complete with cow and pig voices and a lovely rendition of the la la la in soprano. You are Mom! You are stuck!
    PS There’s a whole lot’o blue and violet in the yarn foot stool…

  3. Amy Lane says:

    Okay–m.o.c.–basically, given your chaos, I can see where peaceful forest colors would be VERY necessary to you. And Needletart? I’m cracking up–Moo Baa La La La was my 2nd choice!

  4. roxie says:

    When I win the lottery, I will send you all copies of “Where’s My Cow?” by Terry Pratchett.

    “So he said to young Sam, ‘If you lose your cow you should report this to the Watch under the Domestic and Farmyard Animals (Lost) Act of 1809. They will swing into action with keeness and speed. Your cow will be found. If it has been impersonating other animals, it may be arrrested. If you are a stupid person, do not try to look for your cow yourself. Never try to milk a chicken. It hardly ever works.'”

    I have no children. Terry Pratchett is good bedtime reading for my inner loon.

    Glad you like the hat. Shazam!!

  5. Catie says:

    My husband told me that I said “taco” the other night, just taco, nothing else. Reminds me of the time I said “chicken”… I complained in my sleep as a child too. I remember nothing.

  6. Amy Lane says:

    OKay–I’m looking up that book right now–Where’s my Cow–Terry Pratchett–it’s on my list.

    Mate once choked on a snore, jumped on top of the bed, screamed “What in the fuck was that!” and ran down the hall looking for burglers. I’ll be laughing about that when I’m dead, buried, and waiting for him to stop schmoozing the old age home and catch up with me.

  7. Catie says:

    PS hugely interested in the cardigan. How are you finding the cables? fun? I have the yarn for an adult version waiting in the mini-baby-stash.

  8. Amy Lane says:

    Okay–once you memorize them, they really are fun…they make sense…you actually have to LOOK at what you’re doing–and remember that the cable is REVERSIBLE…it was my first try with anything more complicated than a 3×3 right or left cross…and now I’m sort of hooked…it’s like colorwork… if you can get past the part where you want to gnaw on your wrists, you want to shout to the world that it’s a bigger rush than chocolate…

  9. Louiz says:

    I should get commenting right this time! Only once, then read the top of the page helps…

    Colours: blues purples, greys, yellows, browns, reds, blacks, whites, almost every colour but no pink (hate pink).

    I can quote all of “Pants” (in the uk these are underwear, not trousers)… Small pants big pants, giant frilly pig pants… etc. Gets a small one off to sleep right away!

  10. Susan says:

    Colorways? Vivid. Garish, even. I think my rods are 100% pure plutomium; cones of the traffic variety. Scorching.

    2 Year Old’s Swedish Day Dress (Jil Eaton, Minnow Knits 2) is fuchsia and hunter’s orange striped.

    Though, admittedly, most of my colorways are chosen by complete strangers. In other words, other people buy the pretty yarns and I get what’s left in the sales. ‘Course, I like what’s left in the sales. :o)

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