Some moments from travel…

Okay– I’m going to add the big post from FB at the end so it’s in the blog because it’s funny.

After a brief stop in Detroit for reasons known only to Delta airlines (see my last entry) I spent this weekend in Orlando, at the Dreamspinner Press conference, and it was really lovely. One of my favorite parts of this event is that I get to meet my editors and the staff from behind the house–and oh my God. You guys– they’re so good. So good. Every attempt to produce the cleanest, clearest, most quality manuscript is made–it really does make me proud of the work I’ve done with them. And beyond that, here are some highlights–

Jason T. Gaffney and his husband were there, along with his father, Ed Gaffney and mother Suzanne, to give a showing of Analysis Paralysis, Jason’s independent movie. I’d already seen the movie–it’s DELIGHTFUL but hearing Jason et al break down the things that helped change a story idea into a makable movie with a limited budget was really interesting.

Talking to our IPG rep was awesome too. So many different ways to promote books in places other than– she has access to so many good things and great ideas. That was fantabulous and informative as well!

Kilby Blades, the program of the Berkeley RWA chapter asked me to come teach my conflict class, and I was literally jumping up and down and squealing! It was so awesome of her to keep me in mind! Apparently people who saw me teach at RWA were impressed and I’m thrilled!

A conference with Sue Brown-Moore– my Dreamspun Desires editor–was so helpful in mapping out the rest of the Search & Rescue series, as well as in planning my upcoming Hedge Witches Lonely Hearts Club series. I love writing these categories– they’re so much fun!

I got to meet with the Desi who’s been my editor of other projects since the beginning of this year–she’s wonderful. She’s apparently in the middle of editing Shades of Henry and she actually stopped me to make sure Henry would be in future Fish books as well as Fish on a Bicycle and his own romance. The idea that I’ve created another character that can travel through different books makes me so very happy and her interest was just the most awesome thing in the world.

And of course I got to talk to my beloved CEO and EIC–and hearing them reassure us on the nature of the company and the finances and the way things are in motion to fix what’s broken and go forward was really really necessary–and really really well done.

And there are always my friends and fellow writers, and the kind of talk that comes from trusting people with your back and your heart, and knowing we all have a deep love of narrative to unite us.

Once more, I’m proud of where I work, and ready to throw myself into that work again!

And the kids were happy to see me when I got home. God, I miss my family more each time out. It makes leaving harder–especially as they get older. They won’t be here to come home to for much longer.

And as for travel stories? Well, besides Detroit (oi!) I had a couple of fun moments–

*  A friend of mine who travels A LOT texted me when I was in Detroit– “Oh my God–I travel 120 days out of the year and you can’t leave the fucking house without having a layover in an airport hotel!”

I was going to argue but then I realized it was 3 out of a potential six trips this year. He’s right. It’s a fucking curse.

*  There was a Service Cat on the flight from Utah. It was a long-haired Siamese, wearing a dress. When we landed, there was a 20 minute delay in getting off the plane, and into the grumbling silence we could hear babies crying and the cat going, “Meow! Meow! Meow!” which I assume meant, “Let me off, assholes, I”m done here!”

* When in the TSA line for Orlando, I was right next to a couple from the UK–and they must have been from the area James Corden is  from, because their accents were very close. We were talking about their little girl’s wooby– a rather battered piece of crocheted blanket that will probably disintegrate in its next washing.

“Well yeah,” said the ginormous (6’6″) young father with shoulders like a school bus. “She left it in the cab on the way to the airport, and we almost had ourselves a right proper torcher until we bot it back, didn’t we?”

And omg, I was charmed to my toes.

*  And now– this happened to me last night, and I posted it to FB from my phone. Because it was hilarious and I thought everybody needed to see it to share in the hilarity as it were–enjoy!

So, in tonight’s episode of “Amy leaves the house and hilarity ensues” we have “Rednecks on a plane.”
Coming back from the DSP convention in Orlando via Salt Lake City, I get seated next to two rednecks who are … well cheery would be the word. They are coming back from Milwaukie after seeing a football game and had a VERY good time.

At the end of the flight, after a twenty minute delay at the gate, we are all appalled to find our luggage overhead is jammed shut. The two rednecks and I can’t get our stuff.

Redneck 1 who hates flying and wants desperately to be standing on ground takes a turn at it. He almost tearfully bangs the damn thing until the flight attendant steps in, but he can’t open it either.

Then redneck 2 steps up and goes “Look— here’s a lever, let’s see what it does!” And POOF! The compartment opens.

“How did you know that was there?” Asked the awed flight attendant.

“Well I’ve been drunk for four days straight—I”m seeing all sorts of things I’ve never seen before!”

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