Romance is just…

A yes, a no, a maybe so, 
A “Can I touch?”
“A little… not much…”
Even teeth biting a ripe lip
A wistful glance, a Freudian slip.
Sometimes it’s 
A touch of hands
A breathless kiss
A shy suitor
Walking out of the mist.
A thumb on a cheekbone
A carefully held chair
A blush when somebody
Sees what’s “down there!”
Help with a homework,
A well-timed joke.
Not going dutch treat
Cause a friend is broke.
A sandwich made after a long hard day.
A warmth in your bed that won’t go away.
A caress
The stroke of a hip
Smoothing of a flank
Tongue tip tracing
The upper thigh.
Or a giggled, “Not yet.”
Or a blushing “Goodbye.”
Sometimes it’s a drive in the twilight
Summer breeze in your face
Warm hand on your knee.
Or someone else getting up
To turn off the TV.
Sometimes it’s, “I’ve got the kids.”
Or “I want kids.”
Or “I’d rather have you.”
Sometimes it’s a dog.
Or a cat. 
Or two.
A give, a take, a thrust, a come.
A sure knowledge somebody’s gonna get some.
The body in your bed being your only home.
Not having to wake up alone.
Sometimes romance is…
A quiet moment
An afternoon
A gasp, a moan, in a locked bedroom.
Sometimes it’s a kiss in the dark,
Half awake,
Random body parts
Orgasm!  Sleep.
Sometime it’s a text without reason.
Or a smiley face.
Or a trouncing in Words.
Or a phone call, to say hi
To just make sure.
Sometimes it’s nothing
But not being alone.
Sometimes that’s all.
That’s everything.
It’s the only thing known.
Romance is.

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  1. Unknown says:

    Just….. (insert heart here)….. and….(insert sigh and smile here)

  2. Leigh Ann says:

    I like it. 🙂

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