Songs from San Diego

Okay– honestly, I was just thinking there are none.  Songs, that is.  But we are having some adventures, and that’s always awesome.

We got in last night, after Mate did most of the driving (and I did a considerable amount of knitting) and a drop at Pea Soup Andersen’s.  Now I’ll be honest– there really is only one thing to eat there: the pea soup.  Which makes it really puzzling that Zoomboy wanted to stop there AGAIN. But Mate and I enjoyed our soup, and, well, we ate ZB’s untouched cheese quesadilla because we felt bad about the two times he’d sent it back.  It was Squish who noticed something, uhm, different about the rest of the clientele: “Mom–they’re all old people!”.

And, yes, it has become like The Nut Tree used to be– older people who remembered the place from their childhood make it a stop between Nor Cali and SoCal. So really, unless you’re there for the soup and the tchotchkes, there’s no other reason to stop.  Except, well… you know.  The picture and the memories.

And today, we picked up Chicken and went to the sea.  (Where she could be Chicken of the Sea!  Heeeeeeeeee!).

We didn’t spend long there– just until ZB and Squish got cold.  Took about an hour. Then Chicken took us to Beef & Buns (where Rhys Ford had taken her) and we really loved it.  Parmesan tempura fried zucchini.  Saying.  Anyway– we might possibly have made it to see a movie but for two things.

The first thing was that I smacked Mate’s head with the Minivan hatch.  Yeah.  No shit.  Weenie move on my part– he ducked his head in when I reached up to slam the hatch down, and, bam.  Anyway– sometimes a big ouchie, no matter how impermanent, will make you remember things like an eleven hour trip behind the wheel the day before.  That, and Chicken actually had to do homework.  We decided lunch and grocery shopping and a trip to the beach pretty much wrapped up our ambition for the day– we came home and napped.  Which was sort of luxurious, really.  Napping.  I mean, I’m a fan.

Anyway– Chicken’s friend Stevie is watching the animals– she told me that the Chiwhowhat probably got a walk today with his little friend (her own dog, Gibby).  I’m happy to hear that– it would me my little guy is having as much fun as we are 🙂

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  1. What a fun day. Everyone needs to unwind from time to time.

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