Sorry! Got too busy writing to write!

Things to do today:

*  Go get my eyes examined by Lenscrafters because they offer free eye exams with a pair of glasses and I can never remember to call Kaiser.

*  Put the iPod in the car because I ordered a fuckton of music (THANK you Pandora!) and I needed to upload it all before I got on the plane.

*  Look up a special hell for people like this guy, who took my friend’s book, changed the name, and published it verbatim.

*  Go work out, because I MUST.

*  Get Squish out of the house.  She’s forgetting how to speak and is becoming feral.

*  Take dog on at least three walks today.  He too is becoming feral.

*  Continue writing on short, sweet, and fluffy novella about college theatre people and the lovely solo dancer who loves the geeky guy at the light board.  (I’m not usually so trite, but I just really liked the idea of a subtle push/pull and the whole unseen class distinction and someone so beautiful he makes my teeth ache.)

*  Write down pattern for this hat, because this is the second one I’ve managed to successfully create, and that’s pattern time is what it is.  I love this hat– it’s a one-skein wonder, and it involves this yummy yummy scrumptious yarn and BUTTONS.  You heard me.  BUTTONS.  *happy sigh*  Seriously.  What’s not to like?

*  Do laundry because I’m leaving for Atlanta in 48 hours.  Oh my God.  Seriously– for those of you who’ve been around for OMG, EIGHT YEARS, can you even believe this is my life now?  *sigh*  Me neither.  I hate leaving my family but I love going on adventures– and it shouldn’t surprise me that the feeling of leaving my kids to go teach was roughly the same.  (Of course, the going on adventures comes without the soul-crushing misogyny, conformity, and despair of the teaching, so I guess that’s a definite plus.)

*  Cuddle some more with the kids.  I took sort of a day off yesterday, and yes, I wrote, but I also sat down and watched television for the family.  I don’t do that as much as I used to and I missed it.  I plan to do more of it– and knit too!

*  Appreciate husband.  He’s been extremely sweet lately.

*  Un-enroll from this weird dating service I accidentally enrolled in via FB when I was checking to see if Vulnerable was REALLY on a list of classic fantasy.  It was.  I’m not sure how.  I was still tickled as hell.  But now I’ve got guys calling themselves “Tonguemaster 2000” showing up on my FB feed, and that shit has got to STOP.

*  Buy make-up and hair dye because I’m going to be pretending to be professional and I understand that’s sort of a requirement.  (And seriously?  My old make-up is making my eyes goop– some bullshit about changing it out more than once a year.  I don’t know.  I think it’s a scam.)

*  Okay, maybe I’ll ask Mate to help me unenroll from the dating service because it’s harder than I thought.  Seriously!

*  Plan the post where I explain to all of you about St. Truth-be-Well.

*  Lose, heinously, in four different games of Words With Friends, because Rhys Ford KICKS MY ASS in that game and I haven’t learned yet.

*  Stay up until one talking to Mary about my new WIP cause she’s nice about doing that with me.

*  Watch Teen Wolf, Major Crimes, Maxwell and King, and… oh hell.  Is Warehouse 13 on hiatus?  Jebus!  And next season’s the last too.  *sighs*

* Maybe, somewhere in there, read Garfield with Squish and nap.

0 thoughts on “Sorry! Got too busy writing to write!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    *HUGS and SMILES*

  2. I'm sure I have other things I could say, but the only thing that springs to mind at the moment is, "HEY! My boys have that exact same Cars comforter!"

  3. DecRainK says:

    Warehouse is not on hiatus. If I'm not mistaken that was the season finale and next season (why h why you evil punks is it the LAST season????) is only going to have SIX (yes 6)episodes!

    Oh, light and fluffy? I could read that. I used to do drama…..acting and lighting :0)

  4. Ooooh, yeah. Also, I am craptastic at Words with Friends. Nobody will play with me anymore. Not out of any personality issue, just… despite spelling skills and an extensive vocabulary, I can NOT look at a string of random letters and rearrange them into words. My brain just won't do it. It huddles in a corner, whimpering softly. And I'm beaten with scores like 546-83. It's just not good for *anyone*…

    (and my dishwasher is now a giant breadbox. Because SophyCat. *sigh*)

  5. Donna Lee says:

    You can play WWF with me. I lose all the time because I suck at word placement and my husband (who can't spell worth a damn)beats me regularly. (I am Donnalee57)

    Have fun in Atlanta. I'd only worry about the hair color and makeup if it feels like YOU, otherwise, be comfortable. July in Atlanta is wilting.

  6. Oh yea, can hear that conversation, But Mate! It was for RE-search!!

  7. Unknown says:

    Okay, so whatever link you put for the blatant plagiarizing fool is not working. Maybe that means Amazon took it down? But would you be willing to share the name of author and book? I dislike with a passion people who plagiarize so would very much like to avoid purchasing it.

    Also hope you are having fun in Atlanta!

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