This is a terribly short post! I’m in the editing cave, and while I”m enjoying what I’m doing, the story has been in the archives for a while and doing something like that is frustrating and challenging.

But we still made time for our walk this afternoon, and the kids even came with us. There’s a part of the path that narrows, and you’re sort of trekking through the tall grass. If we come across someone else, we usually cut up to the sidewalk about eight yards up, but when we’re all walking together, we’re in a single file.

Which doesn’t work well when the person in front of the file stops.

“Squish! What are you doing?”

“Squirrel,” she said.

I looked up, and sure enough, he was sitting on a log, perfectly still.

Judging us.

Oh yeah–I live with cats. I know what that look is. Totally judging us.

I kind of laughed and Squish went to pull out her camera, because yes, besides judging, the squirrel was also posing. (And I’m cursing that I didn’t get her picture for the blog, because it would have been fantastic!)

From the back of our little group, ZoomBoy goes, “Why’d we stop?”

“Squirrel,” his father and I say in tandem.

Now… remember. “Squirrel” means a lot of things to a family “blessed” with ADHD.

“But I”m right here!” he responded. “Why aren’t we moving?”

I giggled–but not too loudly. “No, ZoomBoy– there’s a squirrel on that log.”

“Oh. What’s he doing?”

“Judging us.”

ZoomBoy shrugged. “Sure. But, like, he’s a squirrel.”

And at this point, the squirrel rolled his eyes and took off, and we could continue on our merry way.

For the record, we also saw a mama turkey and her six recently hatched chicks, which was sort of cool. But that squirrel, though…

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