Squish Down

“Hello, N— School?”


“I’m sorry, I’m calling in sick for Squishy Lane.”

“Aw, well we’re sorry to hear about that.  What’s she got?”

“The same thing I’ve had for the last week. Apparently I brought it home from Dallas and decided to share.”

“That’s too bad. We hope she gets better soon.”

“Me too– they do all the fun shit…er, stuff… during the last two weeks of school. She hates to miss it.”

“Well thanks for calling in this time Mrs. Lane. We appreciate it.”

“Yeah, sorry about yesterday.”

“We hope she gets better.  Goodbye.”

After hanging up I turn to Squishy.

“Squish, is Miss Ellie really retiring this year?”

“Yeah, mom, that’s what the bulletin said.”

“I’d better get going on her socks–that woman has been so nice to us for the last six years.”

“*cough cough cough wheeze blargh*  You do that mom. Can I have another blanket?”

“Yeah, baby. Here. I’ll go shopping soon for orange juice.”

“Next time, maybe bring home more souvenirs and no germs. The circle of germs sucks.”

(Me, singing)  “It’s the circle of germs… and it screws us all….”

“*cough cough cough wheeze blargh*  You’re funny, mom. I’m serious.”

“Yeah. Sorry Squish. Go enjoy some fine animation while you’re home, okay?”

“Cartoons rock.  Love you mom.”

“Love you Squish. Feel better.”

*cough cough cough wheeze blargh*

0 thoughts on “Squish Down”

  1. Unknown says:

    Awww!! Squishy!! Hugs! (I love it that you make up songs to make the kids at least smile, being sick is no fun at all!) Here's to sending good energies that kick the Circle of Germs outta the house!

  2. Catie says:

    Poor Squish – I hope she feels better soon

  3. Feel better soon, both of you! (sneeze) Don't worry, I totally decontaminated this post before I sent it. 🙂

  4. roxie says:

    I love that I can just swoop by, read one post out of context, after months of profound distraction, and I feel like I know exactly what's going on. Sounds like a wretched upper respiratory crud. Hooray for Cartoon Network!

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