Stash Excavation in Progress

We are in Michael’s, getting frames for our new family photos:

Mate: You got packages at home.
Me: Mm. Saw that.
Mate: One of them has a lion on it.
Me: Mm.
Mate: Like, Lion Brand. Like yarn.
Me: Does it?
Mate: It’s an entire box.
Me: Mm.
Mate: Did we want to comment on this?
Me: It was their fault.
Mate: Mm.
Me: Remember how we were eating Thai food and I remarked that I needed to make myself something plain colored that went with everything? Well I was looking through patterns and I found this pattern for a shawl that was perfect, but I couldn’t buy the pattern, I had to buy a KIT, with the tools and everything and I looked for days and days and I didn’t see anything I liked better than this particular shawl and so I bought the kit.
Mate: Mm.
Me: In two colors.
Mate: So it’s my fault.
Me: No. And while we’re at it I need more yarn.
Mate: Mm.
Me: See, because remember that pattern that I printed out? Well, I finished the scarf that I was making for my brother and it had some yarn in that exact weight and I finished the sweater for Mary and there was more purple yarn in that exact weight and all I need is one or two skeins of yarn to make that project!
Mate: So, you need it.
Me: Yes.
Mate: Your head is an interesting place.
Me: Do you want me to make you a scarf?
Mate: No. We can’t afford the yarn.

Hours later…

Me: Here.
Mate: What’s this?
Me: It’s a remote control.
Mate: I can see that. Where did you get it?
Me: I excavated the yarn stash.
Mate: Which part.
Me: The bags next to my chair.
Mate: *stares at the nearly twenty yarn bags each filled with two or three projects next to my chair* Be more specific.
Me: It was from the Plymouth Encore Era, so two years ago.
Mate: *replaces batteries and aims at the TV* Well, it was at least two TVs ago because it doesn’t control the volume, but it IS shiny and new and we can see the buttons.
Me: Archeology is a wondrous thing.

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  1. Deedles says:

    Too, too funny!

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