Steve and the Rain

Poor Steve…

If you go here, you can see a video showing you her very difficult relationship with the magic sky water that vexes her so:  FB

It’s so sad.  She sits in front of the door and begs to be let out.  She can go out most other nights? Why should tonight be different?

And then, huzzah, the human servants at her command open the door and she is allowed o break free.

Except, oh no! What horrible sorcery is this! Her greatest enemy is out there! Water! And she cannot go out… she cannot… oh no, it can’t happen…

Until, driven mad by her need to be OUTSIDE THIS FUCKIN’ HOUSE, she vanishes into the dark and stormy night.

Only to return five minutes later, scratching frantically at the glass door meowing, “Let me in! Let me in!!!” and freaking out any other animal for a five mile radius.

“Oh, God, this one again…”

“Every time it rains.”

“You think she’d get it, right? She goes out, she gets wet, she stays in, she stays dry…”

“Not that one… she’s a total slut for the night. Even if she comes back all wet. Ignore her, Charlie–we’ve got our own owners to annoy.”

Or something like that.


About five minutes after that video was taking, the damned cat asked to be let out again, and this time she went.

Only to BEG to come back in a bout a minute later.  I let her back into the house and she went screaming from room to room until I wrapped her up in a towel and dried her off.

Because apparently that was her diabolical plan all along?

Anyway–damned cat. Entertaining, yes–but she jumped up on the bed before I dried her off completely and shook, like a dog, soaking Mate as he sat and played a perfectly innocent video game.

*shakes head*  Sometimes, that animal comes with an internal tiara–I am saying.


It’s like she knows I”m an easy mark…

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  1. Unknown says:

    Awww! Amy! She KNOWS you're an easy mark! Miss Violet KNOWS that if I use The MAMA voice, she needs to get her keister outside and do her business before I even consider letting her back in. No amount of whining considered. Of course, this results in getting "The Back" of the cat for the remainder of the night and most of the next day, but….. (smile) Goddess, we're so well trained.

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