Still Getting Taller…

So, ZoomBoy is in drama this year, and he tried out for the school play. He got a small part–ten words, two lines–but you know what?

No kid has EVER been more excited to be a part of the drama club.

He’s had long, long days for the past week– lots of late nights and long rehearsals, and he’s come home for the last two nights smelling of hair spray and makeup that he can’t get off.

I’m so excited for him. These were some of the best memories from my own schooling and he seems to be having a blast.

But I miss him.

He’s usually part of our little couch group at night, and he cracks jokes and has a say in what we’re watching on TV.  He’s a fun voice in our family– I miss him when he’s gone.

But last night he came home asking for help with his makeup–which his sister promptly gave him, no moms allowed–and help with tying a tie.

And so these photos happened.

And I’m sniffly all over again.

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