Strange Days

So, California caught fire, and our air quality has been dismal and the world is topsy-turvy and upside down.

Most of California’s outdoor events have been cancelled for the past weeks–including soccer–and the kids got Friday off school because just walking from class to class was killing them.

I’ve been taking the dogs for their walk because they get so damned restless and things are slightly clearer in the morning, but once we get back? We’re done. The end. Exhausted. We’ve got nothing.

On Saturday, I was lucky– because I didn’t have a trip and there wasn’t soccer, I got to go to my local chapter RWA meeting, and they were lovely lovely people and I want to go back again. *crosses fingers*  It’s just that I want to be a part of them. They’re really great. Then we went out to lunch and saw a movie– Fantastic Beasts–and then came home.

And I fell asleep at eleven o’clock because that was a lot of hard work when you can barely breathe.

So today, I took the dogs walking and… *wheeze wheeze wheeze*  Like I said. The end. That’s all she wrote. Except I DID get writing done, and even though I’d planned to get housecleaning done instead, the writing was good, because I’ve got multiple deadlines and that was some work down.  But the house, tho… I had so many plans.

Mate did not.

He did the dishes and later made corn bread to go with our soup for dinner, but everything else he tackled was administrative. For example, everybody’s car registration is now completely taken care of. Yay!

But I guess the grimness of not being able to go outside and really do much didn’t set in until I got back from the walk, exhausted and eyes itchy and just tired of trying to breathe the density, and I found my kids both wearing their pajamas at one in the afternoon.

They were both like, “We understood that nobody was really going to expect anything from us today. This appeared to be the appropriate uniform.”

Frankly, I didn’t have the energy to go a different way with that.

So here’s hoping for rain and cleaner air tomorrow.

Here’s hoping for total containment of the fires in Paradise and Chico.

Here’s hoping for aid to the people who’ve lost their homes and need help and money and geez– just gas to get out of Chico and go to their own families.

Here’s hoping for leadership–I have hope for the sitting governor and the governor elect who can both get shit done.

And here’s hoping the traitor from the White House gets out of our state as soon as possible. He’s making the air quality worse.

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