Summer Days…

And today’s songworm is…

Okay– what I really wanted to show you was the two minutes of video that Chicken took of Squish playing… but, alas, there is a degree of technical knowhow involved in downloading Chicken’s camera that I am… well…

Shit. For someone who blogs and publishes e-books, I am frighteningly ignorant of the ways of technology.

Some days I despair of this…

Some days, I am acutely aware that, if I had any more technology at my fingertips, I would get no writing done or knitting or kid snuggling or book reading or protein/carbohydrate assimilation for consumption–and those of you proficient at that last one would know it as “cooking”. Alas, I am not proficient, which is why, when Mate comes home he says, “Is there any food?” And not, “What’s for dinner?”

It’s summer–it’s the good days of summer for me, and the crap days of summer for the kids. It’s the days of, “I’ve got nothing to do except write and I like it that way!” for me, and the days of, “Oh for the sake of fly crap, can’t we find a better way to spend our summer than this?” I’m thinking that tomorrow? We try the dollar theatre. It’s crappy and sometimes it smells like pot, but, hey, it’s a movie for, like four dollars, and it’s in the mall–what’s not to love?

Anyway– obviously, sitting around and writing has left me (per usual) as the world’s most boringest human, but I do have a “Squish list” of adorable things you may be interested in.

* At the ball game, Squish reached around her brother TWICE to mug me for my cell phone–it has plants vs. zombies on it, and girlfriend wanted to get her video game on.

* Tonight, I went to write something down for one of the mothers at Squish’s dance class, and couldn’t find my pen. I went out to the car, where I found it. In Squish’s purse. You may remember, the little thing knit out of ribbon that stretches a lot and that she can’t possibly go without? Yeah. Remember folks–she’s four.

* When I read, Zoomboy is the one I have to make pay attention. Squish is the one asking questions like, “The kangaroo is unfairly prejudiced against Horton. Why is that mommy?”

* At the end of dance class, the kids have free dance. Part of this dance involves stuffed animals or barbie dolls. At the end of TODAY’S dance class, Squish was on the floor with three other girls, actively engaged in a tea party.

* Squish has gone up two shoe sizes in the last year.

* When Chicken was this age, she often got into fights with me or her father about what she wanted to wear. She was a “Mix your stripes with your polkadots and let the chips fall where they may unless I can wear my brother’s hand-me-downs and then all bets are off,” sort of dresser. Squish and I have the same fights, except, she’s a, “Obviously this outfit does not go together and is inferior to the outfit I would have chosen, why can’t you get your white trash ass away from the computer, dammit, and find my perfectly suitable black skirt which would to swimmingly with this magenta tunic, and we all know I look smashing in magenta, but not fuschia!” sort of fight.

Uhm, I have to say that while the result of the fights with Squish are both charming and fashionable, I don’t recall the fights with Chicken resulting in quite as much of an inferiority complex. Just sayin’.

But that brings me to my closing statement. I’ve got to find an outfit for tomorrow–we’re going to the dollar theatre to see “How to Train Your Dragon!” and I hate to think of poor Squish, forced to endure the matinee with an embarrassing parent wearing an oversized T-shirt and gym shorts.

Oh, the shame of it! She couldn’t look her peers in the eye after that.

Of course she can’t now–they’re all over five feet tall, and are attending some sort of seminar that her mother can’t pronounce… but should probably learn in the next fifteen years or so…

0 thoughts on “Summer Days…”

  1. roxie says:

    Shorts and a clean t-shirt sound sort of overdressed for the dollar thetre, but what do I know?

    If I were wicked, I would send the Squish a fragile straw hat with lots of pink silk roses on it, and long floaty ribbons. Every fashionista needs a completely impractical hat.

  2. Louiz says:

    Aren't parents there to be embarrassing to their offspring? I remember clearly my sister's embarrassment when my mother turned up to collect us from school wearing the most awful dress. I can't remember the dress itself, and it never bothered me, but my sister was mortified. Admittedly she was 12 not 4.

  3. Chris says:

    Maybe you can sneak a look at Squish's world domination schedule, so we know what to expect and when…

  4. NeedleTart says:

    Love the social commentary on Horton. As a mom who recently discovered that you can't take in a waistband 4 inches without having the butt of the skirt look……odd, I'd go with the clean tee and shorts (after all if the theatre smells of pot will they really notice after 15 minutes?)

  5. Wow, you can smoke in your malls? They frown on that here. ;]

  6. DecRainK says:

    OMG she is precocious.

    Chris – I agree with what you're saying – forewarned is forarmed!

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