Summer Days

Apologies for missing the blog last night. Actually started a conversation with my significant other, and oddly enough, work did not figure into it.  

Anyway– it was a pleasant little break but I’m back again (sorry!) and although my life hasn’t gotten any more exciting than it was yesterday (when I posted about how exciting editing WASN’T) I do have a pocket full of random.
*  First I need to thank Rayna Vause for publishing this on my FB page, and now I shamelessly stole it. Someone on FB said it’s an actual place between Reno and Vegas and it backs up to a graveyard. I personally think it’s the scariest fucking thing I’ve ever seen.
*  I remember reading Alice In Wonderland and thinking that I didn’t understand this chick’s hard-on for hot buttered toast. I now think cinnamon raisin English Muffins and butter are the best things in the world.
*  Squish tried to make one of those stuffed animal kits today, the kind that comes with two socks and shitty directions? I was trying to edit and hold a conversation and do all sorts of work related stuff, and she came to me about six hundred times to untangle nine feet of dental floss and help her sew a rainbow striped sock into a cat feet. 
I may not have been the best mother in the world on the seventh, eight, and ninth time this happened.
*  This meme right here is the reason for the existence of photoshop. And FB. And the Internet. Thank you Marlene Rosenzweig for this one–it made me VERRA happy.
*  Big T knocked my sunglasses off a shelf in the bathroom, then stepped on them, then screamed at me for leaving them on a shelf in the bathroom. Big T does not want the extra big present at Christmas, now does he? He might not even get dinner tomorrow at this rate.
*  ZoomBoy has been reading Dilbert. He recently told me that a cat’s but produces “the equivalent of a dead badger cooked in mustard gas”, and I blame Scott Adams.
*  I’m making this poncho for a friend’s daughter. The super annoying part (making the granny squares and putting them together) is almost over, and I’m totally looking forward to about six to eight inches of edging at the neck and at the bottom, and a really lovely, full and deep hood. 
*  At first I thought the remains of Squish’s project looked like what was left when the wiener thief strikes again, but now I think it’s more of a peek-a-boo phallus-see. Heh heh heh. Yeah, I’m insufferably pleased with that–ignore me.
* And I have started a project that isn’t my norm, and I may or may not continue with, and I’m a little nervous about.
I know that’s not a lot of information–someday, I may spill the beans about it. In the meantime, have a nice night!

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