Sunday Afternoon Convos

My seventeen year old son, Big T: “Awkward.”

Me: “What?”

T: “There was a Facebook poll asking for my favorite female character.”

Me: “So?”

T: “I misread it. I thought it said favorite character, period!”

Me: *snicker* “Who’d ya put?”

T: “Data and McCoy.”

Me: “zomg… I don’t know if even *I* could slash that!”

T: “Oh God, Mommmmm!”

Me: “Mmm… Karl Urban… Mmmm…”

And obviously, I”m having a Moody Blues moment…

Which is okay, really, because I’m going to meet a friend to see Season of the Witch (SEE, Saren– I told you I’d see it!)

Anyway, it’s all quiet here, really. Just vague, funny things happening, like Squish coming in with the squat and lovely dragon totem that was a gift from Mary Calmes. I had it next to my computer, and she just took off with it.

“What are you doing?”

“i just wanted to touch it mama. I’ll leave it over here so I can touch it.”

“Okay. Why do you want to touch it?”

“It’s all smooth…”

I’m thinking that kid can feel power when she sees it!

(Said kid is sitting on my lap right now. She just gave a big twitch, let off a left-cheek-sneak, and went back to doodling on my calendar. Uhm…. yeah. *shakes head* I think going to the movies without a little person is probably a good idea–we’re VERY comfortable with each other.)

Oh yeah– and the top image? A rejected photo for the cover of Rampant. I’m going to finish one more chapter of Living Promises before I start editing the Marcus and Phillip story for real. W
anted to get in the mood!

0 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon Convos”

  1. Jambrea says:

    You could SO slash that. ROFL!

  2. Data I can see as a somewhat of a woman, but McCoy? No.

  3. roxie says:

    Love the photo. Squish ia a tactile person, isn't she? Along with the HelloKitty color scheme . . . The Empress of the Universe declares that Monday everyone shall wear lavender. Now go dig out your lavender shoes or we'll have to fill your underwear with cold custard.

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