Sunday Shorts

So, today was mostly an underwear day– but I did make exceptions.

See, a friend of my parents was talking this weekend about how Shih Tzus were dogs of routine–terrible, terrible routine, and I totally believed him–and this morning they totally demonstrated why.

I got dressed and showered and Mate was still in bed.  The dogs were just tearing it up on the bed– growl, tumble, tussle, play, repeat on speed– and over the din, Mate said, “So, where are you going?”
I said, “I”m going to take the dogs to McDonalds, because they haven’t been on their morning drive and walk in two days.”
Or that’s what I was going to say…
I got to, “I’m going to take the dogs to McD–”  and suddenly both dogs just STOPPED their tussling/tearing/growling/playing and scrambled to the ground by my feet. 
Where they stood, staring at me, waiting for leashes and the trip to the car.
Mate couldn’t stop laughing–and the dogs?  
They enjoyed their sausage patty very much, and their walk around the block and their daily dump.  When they got back to the house? It was raining.  I’m like, if that’s all it takes to get rain (and washing my car the day before!) I will do that every day. 

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