Well, I’m ALMOST to the point of not panicking.

I do have to admit–I “bailed on Saturday. All of it. All of Saturday. I bailed.”  This means that I didn’t do soccer and I didn’t go to the dress rehearsal at Raley Field for dance on Saturday and we didn’t go out. Mate took the kids and then brought me dinner and I knocked one of the things off my list.
But only one. 
So, tomorrow is Kermit Flail– YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!! But tonight?
Still running!
but I can give you a little bit of family–the kind of thing that ONLY happens when you’re concentrating on something really hard.
While I was focusing on an edit, Squish came over to the sliding glass door next to me and PROBABLY had the following conversation:
“Mom, I’m gonna let Gibbs out, okay? Mom, I let Gibbs out, but she’s pooping in the rain, okay? Mom, I’m gonna go to bed–I’m leaving the door open until Gibbs come back inside, okay?”
And I probably said something like, 
“Sure, yeah, okay, whatever.”
And then she disappeared and Mate was like, “Why is the door open?”
And I was on my last nerve so I said, “I DON’T KNOW!!”  And then I looked and realized that Gibbs was ready to come in, but the cat was sitting in her cat bed staring at Gibbs with judgment in her eyes and I was like, “Jesus, Gibbs, get over yourself, it’s just the fucking cat!”
Mate was like, “What?”
“Fucking cat– the door was open because FUCKING CAT but now Gibbs is inside and I can close it again.”
“Oh. Okay. Fine. Why didn’t you say so?”
And then, shortly after that, ZoomBoy was standing behind me, trying to get my attention.
“Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mom. Mommy. Mom. Mom–“
“Oh. I’m sorry. Goodnight.”
“What? What did you need?”
“I was trying to wish you goodnight.”
Me, feeling like the worst mother ever: “Goodnight, ZoomBoy… I love you…”
So anyway– THAT’S what my house is like right now.

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