Tag, I’m it….

Okay…Mother of Chaos tagged me with a meme of 8 random things. I’ve been tagged with this one before, so I think the challenge will be to see how truly random I get. I’m sort of the world’s most boring human–it’s gonna be tough. I’m tagging Catie, Roxie, Netter, Knittech, Lady in Red, Rae, Samurai, and bells–if you guys get this, gimme a heads up in the comments, otherwise I’m hunting you down to your own blogs and harrassing you to jump on the meme wagon:-) (Needletart, I know she already got you, darn it, otherwise you would have been first on my list… I know you love these things;0)

Lessee..8 random things…

1. I’ve gotten so intense about my crafting passion that I’ve chased people down in craft stores to try to give them advice. Yes. Just like the Yarn Harlot said real knitters do…I try not to do that anymore.

2. I’ve owned a cat for most of my life. Love the furry little flea-bags, what can I say…

3. My first best cat was Squinter. When Squinter died, we got Matthew, who looked just like Squinter (a gray tortoishell) and who also had the personality of a mouse-eating purr-machine. Matthew is Mate’s real name–I told him it was destiny, because damn, did I love that cat. (Matthew the cat had his eye enucleated because of an unfortunate fox-tail incident, and died soonafter crossing the road–he had no more 3-D vision. I don’t talk about that much to Mate…that part doesn’t have to be destiny.)

4. My parents split when I was seven. When I talk about my mom on the blog, I am USUALLY talking about my step-mom, who is one of the world’s five greatest people, period, the end. Goddess was really watching out for me when I got her.

5. I was going to be an actress for about two years in college. Then I realized that A. I hated dieting, B. I was not that attractive, (you have to be real when you’re in the theatre–I was neither pretty enough for leads nor good enough for character roles) and C. I wrote better lines than I delivered.

6. Mate and I went cross country by bus once. I learned how to give myself a bath with a banadana and boraxo in a bathroom stall. I don’t ever want to do that again.

7. Twice during finals week when I was in college, I spent my 2 hours of sleeping time nursing kittens dropped off on our doorstep by psychotic mama-cats. Most of them died. I don’t know why those dumbass critters picked my doorstep, but that vet that yelled at me about taking care of animals until I was in tears has some serious karma coming to bite him on the ass.

8. I’ve had a fever of 101.5 for the last 3 weeks. I have no idea why, but it’s making me tired, useless, and grumpy. I want it to go the @#$%away.

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  1. NeedleTart says:

    Wow! I tried the whole acting thing, too! A lot of directors (in LA) told me, “You’re really good. Just too tall.” Can’t change tall. Back to the classroom. Hope you find the source of the fever (too many plot ideas running around your mind??)

  2. I wanted to be an actress for a time too. I even took theater classes in college. I was told I was good, but too short, too heavy, too whatever. I’m too self conscious to do that for a living anyway. And I’m on it. I’ve neglected my blog for far too long anyway. 🙂
    And about this fever. Maybe it’s time we take a trip to the doctor to have ourselves checked out, hmmmmmmmm?

  3. roxie says:

    OK, I’ll try to do the meme tomorrow. Just did the “What do you knit?” meme today.

    Acting? I could memorize like mad so I usually had the lead in high-school plays (Girl’s school. I have often had trouser roles.)But I got to college and just wasn’t that good. And too tall.

    Are you running a low-grade bladder infection? Get to a doctor. It will give you an excuse to skip school!!

  4. Catie says:

    i see the meme thing – i will get to it – need to do thinking stuff about it – if i don’t write it within a week remind me

  5. Catie says:

    i just posted my 8 random things – such a quick turn a round that I am proud.

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