That one little thing…

Okay– so it never fails.

I’ll be folding laundry, and planning my trip.
And driving, and planning my trip.
I’ll plan what to wear, I’ll plot my day, down to my arrival time, and when I charge my phone, and what I’ll be doing.
I pack extra, just because– but I PLAN dammit.
Because I have silence in my own head, right?
And then just as I’m putting stuff in the suitcase, five people, two dogs and a cat absolutely NEED MY ATTENTION RIGHT THEN and as I’m putting stuff in the suitcase, it all goes to hell.
By the way I’m at Yaoi-Con in Burlingame, CA this weekend.
I have brought with me THREE knitting bags, a FULL SUITCASE of outfits I don’t need, and more chocolate than any one person could eat.
I’ll be on the vendor’s floor if you need me. I’m pretty sure I’ll be wearing clothes–but beyond that, I make no promises!

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