That was a weekend

So the next two weeks are going to be hellishly busy–but this weekend was the portal to that hell.

FRIDAY– Friday, Squish and ZoomBoy danced with their troupe before the RiverCats game. Squish wasn’t excited about doing this because Saturday was going to be a big day also, but we insisted. It wasn’t easy–I had a foot-thing going, and the kids went into the park at 4:30, but Mate and I had to stand in line until 6. The troupe started dancing at about 6:15, so it was a good thing we didn’t wait until later to get in line, but OU. UCH.

We stayed for the rest of the baseball game–and watched the RiverCats lose 0-15. Looking at the stats of the kids (yes kids!) up to bat, Mate and I had a revelation. The team had been winning all season– but these kids (!) had NOTHING in their stat boxes. We figured that the major league team had called up the winning players to cover for the players with injury, and the kids we were watching were literally the high school graduates called up from AA ball. You had outfielders that couldn’t catch bloopers, batters who swung way out of their strike zones, and pitchers who couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn. Only entertaining if you like to heckle, and we couldn’t–it was just so sad.

Anyway–we stayed until the fireworks–but given how long it took to lose that painful game, it didn’t feel quite worth it this time.

Also, we all got sunburned.

On Saturday, it was soccer, opening day. Mate coached U12 Boys (mostly just because he likes being a team player) and someone else took over Squish’s team (which was a whole political mess because people thought THEIR kids only deserved to win so they almost split the team and left the “lesser” players back with Mate –including Squish– and I found out and said “that’s mean” because it’s EXACTLY what happened to Chicken, and then there was a small brouhaha and basically Mate stepped down because he has no ego in the team’s win, and anyway–he’s coaching somewhere he’s appreciated and Squish gets to play with her peers.)

Anyway we spent ALL Saturday in the sun.

And came home, ate sandwiches, and slept.

Today we went shopping for school clothes. I have to say, the Old Navy clerk who was adorable and excited because she was cooking salmon for dinner and who called her cash register “Busted” because (her words) “she gets tired of work sometimes” really did make that entertaining.

Anyway– Mate also reffed two games yesterday, and earned some cash, and he put it in my wallet this morning before we left for school shopping.

I was helping Squish out, swapping sizes while she was in the dressing room, and she said, “Hey–can we get shoes, too?”

I was like, “*yawn* I don’t know, honey–“

“We can get coffee on the way!”

She looked so hopeful, I had to tell her yes.

Her whole face lit up. I went back to where Mate was sitting and said, “Squish suggests a stop at StarBucks on her way to the Skechers store.”  (Parents know Old Navy and Skechers were made of sales this weekend.)

He yawned. “Sure,” he mumbled. He hates coffee. “They’e got those refresher things. We can do that.”

So we get to Starbucks and he starts looking through his wallet.

“Where’s my money?”

“You gave it to me.”

“No, I had a whole wad of cash this morning.”

“You gave it to me.”

“But it was two twenties and two fives, folded up.”

I pulled it out and waved it at him. “You. Gave. It. Too. Me.”

“But I remember putting it in a wallet–“

“You DID! You put it in MY wallet!”

He unfolded it. “Oh. I guess I gave it to you.”

I stroked his shoulder and gave him anime eyes. “You’re so pretty,” I sighed. “So pretty. It’s a good thing you’re pretty.”

“Yeah, I know,” he yawned. “We can all skate on my looks.”

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