The ABC’s of August…

A–August is here!

B– Boredom from summer vacation has almost set in!

C–Crispy children returned from camping.

D–Darn it, mom, the redhead needs sunblock ALWAYS!

E– Everyone wants to be at the pool.

F–Finally a summer blockbuster movie!

G– Guardians of the Galaxy rocked!

H–Heat, hot, hellacious, hurts, horrible, hate it in hades! (But hot guys are cool!)

I–Ice cream is NOT my friend!

J– Jury duty is only a week away.

K–Korra from Avatar just passed the Bechdel test!

L–Lots of love if you got that last reference 🙂

M–Missing a family vacation this year, but we’re saving it for November.

N–November is when we’re going to Disneyland!


P–Pub Crawl is what we went on last night with Mate’s friends!

Q–Quality night life– Sacramento has it!

R–Rat bit Chicken’s friend in the nads!  (Chicken’s pet rat, that is.)

S–Soccer season starts Monday.

T–Thrilled, I tell you, I am THRILLED that soccer season is here again.

U–Unless we’re in for practice in the 100 degree heat.   Uh-oh– see “H”.

V–Vacation ends for the kids on the 14th– can you BELIEVE how short that is?  Seriously, it’s a good thing we’re having our big vacation in November!

W–When oh when is Beneath the Stain coming out?  (August 29th– WHEEE!!!)

X–Xtra points for mom if she can get her new diet to stick.

Y–Yes, I AM dieting again, why do you ask?

Z–Zoomboy–Stop fighting with Squish!

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  1. I have managed to avoid summertime boredom by sending my kids to my parents for the WHOLE summer. They got home yesterday, and they start school on Wednesday.

  2. Donna Lee says:

    H is also for the ever present humidity which adds immeasurably to my attractiveness….

    I hate to use the word DIET but we have reached the point where we really have to lose some girth if we want to be around to see eventual grandchildren so we are on a healthier eating kick. I already broke it by eating crumb cake for breakfast…….(but I have yogurt for lunch so I am justifying it!)

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