The Astrology Connection

My horoscope for tomorrow says:

You’ve been lucky for the last two months, no doubt about it. But lately it seems as though your luck is changing. It’s hard to pinpoint, but something is “not quite right” in your daily life. At the moment, the planets are imparting some lessons that can be difficult to bear, Amy. Try to get through this transition time with as little pain as possible. Ultimately, the lessons learned will prove worthwhile.

I shall interpret this to mean:

Get off the fucking internet and write for you and not for the critics. Write for the intelligent, funny people you connect with and stop trying to please the assholes–they will never be pleased and they will only give you ulcers. Also, clean the goddamned house, it gives you meditation time which allows you to write smarter and faster, instead of staring at your computer screen wishing for a sign that this is what you should be doing. Besides–everybody likes clean clothes.

See–who says astrology isn’t helpful?

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  1. roxie says:

    You know, a helpful astrology chart would say, "Buckle on the iron jock strap. It may be hot and heavy, but the world is gonna knee you in gonads any day now."

    I think my parents are lying about my birthday. Horoscopes never fit me. And the Tarots lie to me most maliciously.

  2. Since you're doing laundry I've got some which needs to be done as well.

  3. Joyuna says:

    Perfect! The guidance in the horoscope lies in the interpretation… and you've found yourself an interpretation 😉

    I don't believe in any magic or supernatural prediction kind of stuff, but I sat in on a tarot card reading once that was like a psychiatrist session! It was all about the client interpreting what they thought the cards should mean about their life, with the reader guiding them.
    I can get behind that – everyone can do with a little bit more introspection. 🙂

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