The Blog Tour of Christmas Past

So, Regret Me Not was released Monday, and as I’ve been doing, I sort of put my all into the blog tour.

This one was particularly fun, because I pulled out some memories that I possibly haven’t blogged about–talked about some stuff–some happy, some sad–that you might not have heard of before.

I’ll post as many links as I have to date–and I hope you guys take a moment to read them!

OH– and in personal news?

Squish is on her science field trip this week. I”m a little sad because she’s so grown up and really excited for her because… well, she’s so grown up!  She was a little nervous this morning but when we arrived at the school, four other girls showed up to help her out of the van with all her stuff.

I think she’ll be fine, don’t you?

So here’s the blog tour–enoy!

The Novel Approach — a story from my childhood about the intrepid Mrs. Clause

Two Chicks Obsessed With Books and Eye Candy — a story from our first Christmas with a baby–right before the baby was born.

Happily Ever Chapter — A story about books and the happy introvert over a very crowded Christmas.

My Fiction Nook— A story about my books again–and my favorite gift during a tough moment.

Love Bites Reviews — And this one isn’t posted yet, and I’ve totally forgotten which one it was…

Kimmer’s Erotic Book Blog — But this one (when it comes out) is about failing Santa 101!!!!

Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words — And this one will be about how now to fuck up your holiday with Crafting!

Boy Meets Boy — And this one is going to be about giving yourself the gift you love the most. (Not that. Mind out of the gutter!)

Under the Covers (Link to come!) This one is coming out on Christmas Eve, and it’s going to be a love letter from Santa from one of the characters. (Hal. It’s gonna be Hal.)

So that’s a lot to look forward to, right?

I mean, I know.

Blog tour, blah blah blah blah– they get old after a while.

But I swear I opened up a Christmas vein and bled red and green for y’all– I do hope you enjoy the posts!

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