The Cats Came Back…

 Squish spent last night at her grandma and grandpa’s– they put her on a horse, taught her how to make banana cream pie, took her shopping, and took her to see a movie.

Today, completely spoiled and very happy, she returned home.


Today, after taking her big brother to the mall, meeting his friends, hanging out, going to the book store and hugging this giant stuffed animal, chicken returned home.

She was not very happy, but then, she is not that kind of kitty.

I am happy to have her home.


Today, after flanking Chicken on either side of her body as she slept, both cats prowled my home and gave the dogs dirty looks. I sat down to knit for a few moments, and Gordie flopped on the couch and planned my demise.

Bastard didn’t even tuck in his tongue.

I was afraid that the dogs had chased the cats away for good, so I have to admit–

I am very happy.

The cats, of course, still want me dead.

I guess that means all is as it should be…


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