The Christmas Special

 Okay–where should I begin?

My first story for Dreamspinner was a teeny tiny novella titled If I Must. It sold decently, and since then–Christmas, 2009– I’ve released one to two Christmas stories every year.

Some of them were novellas.

Many of the novellas have been bundled in one form or another, so it’s possible to get them in paperback.

The longer novellas either haven’t– Freckles is the one I can think of, or have been lengthened to be available in a paperback– and that would be Regret Me Not. 

A word about Freckles. Freckles has changed publishers–and while the first publisher released their 40K novellas in paperback, Dreamspinner Press does not. Freckles will be recovered and made available in March I think– but only as an e-book. BTW? The cover is still adorable, but DSP is doing cover reveals and it’s not available yet.

A word about Regret Me Not. Originally released as a novella– 40K– I loved the guys so much I wrote about them all year, and now have enough for a paperback. It will be released in paperback format for those of you who want it, and I’m pretty sure the extras will be available as a free download for everyone who already purchased the book. For everyone who hasn’t, the price will go up when it’s re-released, and you will get a 60K-ish short novel length book. Yay!

A word about Christmas Kitsch.  Originally available from Riptide with a different cover, this will be rereleased on December 7th. Nothing has changed. Okay. One thing. Rusty’s going to Stanford instead of Berkeley– don’t ask me to explain why, it makes me stabby.

A word about Candy Man. Candy Man is a novella, and it became the first in the series. If you’re a sucker for paperbacks, it can be found in the paperback of Bitter Taffy as a sort of free insert at the beginning. That makes the total EBOOKS in the series FOUR, but the total PAPERBACKS in the series, THREE.

And now, about Winter Ball. Winter Ball was a novel to start with, and it’s now the first of the series. The second is Summer Lessons, and the third–Clay and Dane’s story will be written this spring. (I’m excited about this!) The books will also be recovered because I love these books and although *I* loved the concept of the covers, I think we’ve firmly established that I have no taste, so the publishers are going to try with somebody who DOES have taste and see if we can’t cheerlead these books to a little more notice.

So we’re on to The Winter Courtship Rituals of Fur-Bearing Critters, which is a name so long I’m not typing it again. Anyway– this too became the first of a series, four books in all, but the first three were short form. So the firs three– Winter Courtship, How to Raise an Honest Rabbit, and A Knitter in His Natural Habitat, were all bundled together into The Granby Knitting Menagerie for a paperback. The last book in the series–Blackbird Knitting in a Bunny’s Lair is full novel length and available in both formats.

And now for the big bundle.  If I Must, Christmas With Danny Fit, Turkey in the Snow, Puppy Car and Snow, and Going Up! are all fluffy, tiny, adorable, fun Christmas confection stories that are all of the sweet and only a touch of the tender, just to make the sweet taste better. Anyway, all five of those stories have been bundled into An Amy Lane Christmas, and are available for a bundled price (which is a pretty decent price, after all) but they are also available by themselves.

So there you go.

That leads us to Homebird, which is out on December 18th, and which will get it’s own page as we draw near because I SO want to talk about this story– there’s oh so much to say!

All of my Christmas stories are special to me. You might have noticed but I’m sort of obsessed with the “Oh my God, how bad could it get?” scenario, and you’ll never believe me when I tell you– I pull my punches. Even in Stain, I pulled my punches. Even in Chase.  In my Christmas stories, I never punch. I may give a little ear flick, just to deepen the happy, but I never punch. There may be some melancholy, and even some conflict–but I never punch. Holiday stories (and some of them are TRULY holiday stories and not Christmas stories at all. They’re sort of NEAR Christmas, actually) are meant to make us feel good–not worry.

So these stories are sweet. They’re tender. They’re not too scary or too angsty, and you never doubt the two people are going to end up together. The families are going to relent if there’s friction, and the dog will always be okay.

These are miracle stories, and we all need some of that in our lives.

I hope you all enjoy them–and it’s very possible there’s a couple here you haven’t read before.

I know I have to go back and count them every year I post.

And I’m always sort of proud.

I mean– that’s a heckuva lot of happy, right?

Yeah. Happy holidays everybody– and VERY happy reading!

OH! A word about Bells of Times Square– I loved this story, but it’s not included on this list. Bells is sad–it’s chest rippingly sad, and the HEA has been hotly debated. It finaled in the RITA awards, a thing I’ll always be proud of, and if you’re interested, I posted the link above. But this list is about the happy, and Bells doesn’t really fit. That doesn’t mean I don’t love it, just means that for most of us, who so desperately need to hear laughter and joy and goodness, now is not the time.

So here are the happy stories– go forth and read and know the world with a happy, sunshiny yellow glow. The hard shit is hard enough– let’s embrace some joy.


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  1. I need you to understand that I fully mean my next statement in a totally respectful way, I swear to God.



    I only mention these queries in a calm and respectful manner because those are two books I simply refuse to re-read (I think I’ve re-read all of your books at least once every 6 months) because the pain is so damn bad, and you’re telling me that YOU PULLED PUNCHES.

    I swear on all that is holy…you’re gonna have to warn me if any future books come out deeper than “Beneath The Stain” and “The Locker Room” because I truly truly truly truly can only explain baggy saggy red-rimmed eyes at the office during non-break hours by claiming I was remember the scene in Titanic where the old couple wrapped themselves around each other while the water was rising around them and the band played while the ship was going down and the mother tucked her kids in bed KNOWING they were all about to drown SO many times before work people become suspicious.

    Just saying.

  2. Amy Lane says:

    Michelle– yes. I did pull a few. I was thinking about Mackey's mom rejecting him when he came out, and also thought about whether he should sleep with Grant again, instead of just that final "sharing" that Trav forgave. But I couldn't do it–it was like when Trav hit Mackey–if he hadn't pulled the punch, he would have ruined everything between them, and going that far would ruin the little bit of happy we had going. And for Chase… well, I almost wrote Tommy's book– where I killed Chase off with an incurable disease (Mary Calmes can vouch for me on this– she didn't talk to me for 24 hours and we were ROOMING TOGETHER when I proposed that. Brrrrrr….) Turns out, if I get to Tommy's book now, everybody has to live. (Also? I was going to have Mercy tell him she miscarried. But Tommy and Chase needed that baby–I couldn't do it.)

    So, yeah.

    I can always make it worse. But I've learned not to. Because I don't want you to have to put the book in the freezer. (I'm doing that with a book right now. I'm so worried about those guys!)


  3. Cheri says:

    I love the Christmas/holiday stories I've read. They are the ones I read over and over again – all year. If I Must, Freckles, and Going Up are the ones I read the most. They are short and sweet and sure to lift my spirits.

    I haven't been able to read Chase or Stain, but I read The Locker Room and was amazingly ok with it. The first time through was traumatic, but the next times I really got into the way those two created their life together. What they built could not be destroyed by the loss they did ultimately have to face. The theme of the two young men building a life together is one of my faves. (I'm thinking of Christmas Kitsch and Jeremy and Aiden in this category. Maybe Freckles and Going Up and If I Must are a little that way too.)

    They're all good! <3

    Cheri aka Jacki

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