The Circle Game

You guys remember that song? “And the wheel is going round and round, the whole wide world is upside down…”

So yeah. We’re in the circle game–and welcome back to my complete insanity. School is starting again.

I spent part of my day there–mostly working on my room. I would have liked to have said ‘making copies’, but thanks to Gov. Arnold, and his 12 furlough days for the classified staff, there wasn’t a soul in the principal’s office to help me w/the copier–that is assuming there were any supplies for it anyway! It’s funny– our current principal once said that he liked me because he was pretty sure I could teach given a stone tablet and a stylus. I just never really thought it would come down to that!

Anyway, I changed up my room, and I’m going to experiment with group seating–which is something I’ve NEVER done, even when it was popular, but I like the way it makes my room look–and the way it gets kids out of corners, since they tend to do more collateral damage when they’re next to walls. I’ve also coded the seats–group 1, 2, etc., and seat a,b,c, & d within the groups. Let’s say huzzah for classroom management, shall we? (Now seriously, I’ve never been the teacher that molly-coddled the classroom management thing. I’ve always been of the “Sit down and for Christ’s sakes shut up, and you’ll figure out what the fuck we’re doing” flavor of teacher, but I figured “What the hell?” Besides, I like the idea of changing seats by saying, “Okay, all the ‘D’s stand up and walk two numbers up. Now all the A’s stand up and walk two numbers back. Now all the B’s, stand up and walk one number up.” And there you go–a completely randomized seating chart.

And hey–the good news! Two of the people I NEVER see enough of are back working at school (their district and state jobs were demolished, so they got sent back into the pit.) Whereas they were both of the “FUUUUUUUUUCCCKKKKKKK!” variety of ‘tude about the move, I, being the self-confessed self-centered, self-absorbed uber-bitch that I am was THRILLED to see them both. WE CAN VISIT NOW! Of course, they were probably not so happy to see me, since I’m the flake that never gets my head out of my own ass to seem them in my off-hours, but, well… if they’ll spend the odd lunch with me, their duty to this talentless hanger-onner shall be fulfilled.

Oh… hey. We went and saw a movie today. If any of you have the burr up your ass to see “Aliens in the Attic”, uhm, RIP THAT FUCKER OUT BEFORE IT CAN DO ANY MORE HARM. Nuff said. And btw? Damn that writer’s strike two years ago anyway. Not only did it deprive me of six episodes of Supernatural (Season 3, people… Dean was gonna die and I could have ridden that angst wave for frikkin’ EVER), but it’s making me desperate enough to squander my hard earned green on something that looks, walks, talks and shits like a dog, because sisterhood, did I step in it with this one!

And for those of you who checked out the website–THANK YOU! Lovely Sexy Green really does need more exposure because Archer did a FANTABULOUS job on him. (In fact, she suggested more than exposed, bless her, because I can look at that picture and follow that suggestion for hours of entertainment.) And for those of you who read Jack & Teague’s new story, thank you too! Don’t forget to e-mail me and tell me if you thought it was worthy–I’ve been telling people that it was hard to write, because I REALLY put Teague through the wringer with this one.

And Roxie and Needletart? I’m working on that second edit now… as soon as it’s done, RAMPANT will be printed and wringing it’s way to you!

So I’ll let you know about that first day of school… but for now, I’m gonna make the family watch some more Buffy episodes and pretend it’s not happening!

0 thoughts on “The Circle Game”

  1. It's always good to shake things up – at home and work!

    Enjoy the last day of freedom.

  2. NeedleTart says:

    I have three weeks left before school. Last year I started work the second day of school and pretty much worked straight through (with time off for illness in Feb and Mar). Two years ago I didn't get called until October. Wonder what this year will bring.
    At least I'll have something to read.

  3. roxie says:

    Thanks for the earworm. And all happiness with the seating charts.

    Savor your sunday!

  4. TinkingBell says:

    Hah – the madness will get you – it will it will!

    Karma can be a total bitch sometimes – but maybe its their karma – not yours – they need to learn something and you're the right teacher! Whip 'em into shape, girl!

  5. Louiz says:

    Stunned that schools go back in August (the beginning no less). Here, they go back on my mum's birthday, more or less (Sept 7th) – she always considered it an extra birthday present!

    Hope it all goes as well as it can.

    I might even manage to get to your website now I'm at work with no small child on my lap asking me to look stuff up for her….

  6. Louiz says:

    Now read it:) Brilliant, loved it.

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