The East Coast Girls Are Hip…

Okay, for starters, Tart and Sweet is now available for pre-sale from Amazon and ARe, so that’s exciting! 

Also exciting is that Monday’s aqua teacher, charmed by our willingness to sing California Girls at the top of our lungs when her boombox quit, actually loaded the song for cool down today. *beams* She did that just for us. I love it when that happens. (And yes, we all sang along. It was AWESOME.)

And other than that, our big excitement was that Geoffie got groomed today. It was sort of cute, actually, because all of the neighbors who saw me walking just Johnnie enquired after her health. “Oh, is she okay? I hope so! We love her!”

I’m thinking, “I did not know incessant yapping was a sign of affection, but I’ll take it!”

It’s sad that she was missed, but even worse, she has to go back tomorrow.

Because the thing about grooming is that the whole reason we do it is because… *flails*  Look at this face! It’s all hair!  And they asked us if we wanted the “teddy bear” cut, and I said yes, as long as her mustache and beard were REALLY SHORT, because otherwise she gets stickers in them.

And when we went to pick her up, the kids collected her while I paid, and I didn’t get to see her for real until we were halfway out the door, and I realized, “Oh my God–she has a fu manchu mustache!”

So, you all know I don’t send steak back. Or correct my order, even if it’s wrong. Or tell people they’re mistaken even though I know damned well they couldn’t get their facts straight if someone gave them a peg board and a ruler.

Yes– me.

I called up the groomers and asked them if they could fix her hair cut.

On the one hand, I’m mortified.

I don’t even go back if I don’t like my OWN haircut.

On the other hand?

I don’t have to fish stickers out of my hair either, so it will be totally worth it.

I hope.

I really hope Geoffie thinks so.  I’m not really sure how she feels about the groomers–she always gets a really nice report card about being a good, friendly, obedient (seriously!) dog.

But either way, she’s going back. Because she’s got more facial hair than Mate, and you just don’t pay for someone to groom your dog so you can say that in the same sentence.

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